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Sorry folks, but a busy day today – so a short post is in the offing.


Autoblog writer Ben Huh has been invited by yours truly to pull his head in. That’s an Aussie expression imploring him to shut the #%@! up. You can read why here. It wasn’t the story itself that got me irked, it was the reference near the end.


If you’re waiting for a 9-7x, you might be waiting a little while longer. Apparently there are some invoicing problems that will cause delays in deliveries to some dealerships.


There’s been a publicised push for the use of Biofuels in the UK, with Saab right at the forefront of a ‘Bioethanol Declaration’ this week.

It. Really. Does. Make. A. Lot. Of. Sense.

But just try telling Big Oil.


Looks like I might get out of my radiator troubles for considerably less cost than anticipated. I was initially advised that I’d need a whole new radiator, but further investigation at a cooling specialist reveals that a new side-tank and a few O-rings should do the job, for around $500 less than I thought it would cost. Good news.

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  1. New Saab Global Design Centre to be (Re)Created

    Some hot news off the press:


    Saab Brand Center in Sweden to become global epicenter for the Saab brand

    – Saab Brand Center to open in Sweden

    In concert with this announcement, GM Europe will also establish a global Saab Brand Center in Sweden. This will be the epicenter of the Saab brand and will house a strategic design team that will concentrate on Saab-specific design.

    “From a designer’s perspective, Saab has such a rich history to build upon,” said Nesbitt. “Therefore, we plan to ensure that future Saabs maintain this DNA, accentuating their aircraft heritage and the Scandinavian design aesthetics that have helped Saab challenge the mainstream for nearly 60 years.”

    In addition to Saab designers, the Saab Brand Center will house a core team of engineers and marketers who will work in close collaboration to develop, evolve and maintain the Saab brand character in all areas – from developing future product proposals to ensuring consistent communication across the globe.

    “The sole focus of Saab’s new Brand Center is to create an environment where Saab specialists can focus specifically on what makes Saab unique and, therefore, help ensure we maintain these qualities in everything we do: design, engineering, marketing communications and more,” said Forster.

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