Sunny Saturday – Gloomy outlook

Hi all,

It’s a sunny Saturday morning here in Hobart town, but I’m not feeling like a man with a positive disposition. Today is day one in my latest attempt to kick the nicotine habit.

The patch is on. The head is starting to throb.

So if blogging is a little erratic over the next few days/weeks, you’ll know why.

I have a full day’s house-hunting planned for today. Gotta keep busy and keep the mind moving.

So a quick look at what’s happening in Saabland:

My Father-in-law’s daily read, the Vancouver Province, does a review of the 9-7x. It’s certainly getting around. The Vancouver Sun have a review too.

It’s also good enough that Saab will have a front-runner in the mid-size luxury SUV segment right out of the gate.

About dot com do a review of the 2005 9-5 Wagon and find they like the car, but hate the price being asked for such a long-in-the-tooth model.


That’ll have to do for this morning. Gotta run and chew the head off my favourite stuffed toy.

If you’re killing time in the office, the archives are on the right sidebar. Go for your life.

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  1. Hey Swade, good luck on giving up the cigarettes! It will improve your health and you’ll have much more money to spend on your 99.

    About the review — he’s all wrong! He says the key is just in the center for nostalgia reasons and said the 9-5 Arc requires premium. I emailed him and asked him to double check on the fuel requirements and update the article as necessary; last time I checked, the 9-5 took regular just fine.

  2. Good luck kicking the nicotine habit. It will improve your life/health immensely. I quit about 15 years ago and haven’t regretted it.

    Besides, and maybe more importantly, you don’t want to stink up those nice SAABs of yours!

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