The other (non-human) love of my life is basketball. I’ve not mentioned it before except in comments, but feel it’s fitting as the NBA season is about to come to a close with San Antonio and Detroit about to duke out a Game 7 (and I predicted the Spurs in a sweep!!).

I’m hoping the Spurs can top the Pistons in Game 7 tomorrow. If it weren’t for Dwyane Wade of the Miami Heat getting injured, the Pistons wouldn’t even be there so for me, it’s Go Spurs Go!!

Here’s hoping that Tim Duncan and Big Shot Rob have their gameface on. And on the subject of Mr Horry and his elusive nickname, here’s the best sportwriter going around, Mr Bill Simmons from ESPN:

Did we ever settle whether it’s “Big Shot Rob” or “Big Shot Bob”? I always thought it was Big Shot Rob, but my editors kept changing it to Big Shot Bob. Then Horry himself demanded to be called Big Shot Rob, which made me want to call him Big Shot Bob because nobody should be able to decide their own nickname. So I’m offering a compromise – from now on, we should refer to him only as “Big Shot Brob.”

Horry’s driving dunk in Game 5 – an absolute killer.

Last year’s finals, with the Pistons beating the Lakers, was the first time in a very, very long time (around 10 years) that a championship team didn’t have either Steve Kerr or Robert Horry in the lineup. Here’s hoping that the balance is restored this year.

Now, back to Saab stories.

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