They couldn’t make the same mistake twice (could they??)

Thanks to Autoblog reporting on an Autocar report, we have some good news and some bad news about the 9-6x.

UPDATE: Edmunds are running the same story, too.

First the good news: the exterior styling is tipped to be based on the 9x concept from a few years ago. This is a fantastic decision and will continue the progressive exterior design trends of recent times that commenced with the concept cars and carried through to the SportCombi. Want to see yourself sitting in one of these?

Click to enlarge….

The bad news is that the car is tipped by Autocar to carry the Suuby interior design. So whilst you’re sitting in your hot-looking Saab 9x, you’ll be looking at this:

B9 interior.jpg

I can’t believe that Gm would make such a drastically bad decision.

Firstly, even GM themselves have emphasised Saab’s aircraft heritage and one of the main components of this was the ergonomic interior design.

Second, one of the main criticisms of the 9-2x was it’s lack of distinctive interior design. The failure to re-dress the cabin and give it a more Saab-like feel made the badge-engineering arguments all the more relevant. Remember, GM, the driver spends all his time inside the car and it’s here that the greatest, lasting impressions are formed. One of the main acceptance points of the 9-7x has been that the cabin is Saab-like rather than a Chevy cabin.

Finally, that B9 interior is dog-ugly. Go take another look. It’s the anti-Saab interior.

Thankfully, there is hope. The Autocar report also states that the Saab will have 7 seats like the B9. This is one area that has been previously contradicted by prior reports because of safety concerns for the rear occupants. Let’s hope that the interior design reports here are similarly inaccurate.

And GM, if you’re thinking of this (i.e. the B9) as the right interior for this vehicle, please think again.

And just so y’all know what they’re bypassing, here’s the proposed 9x interior when the concept came out. I’m not saying it’s the right design for the job, but it’s a heck of a lot better than the abomination above. Click it to enlarge.


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  1. I am betting that Saab is going to correct this mistake and re-design the interior. In fact, I am excited that this is going to be out so fast and plan to get one as soon as they hit the dealerships.

    I’ll start saving now 🙂

  2. WOW! The first booked-in sale.

    Personally, I’m pretty interested in the plan to completely redevelop the 9-2x. That could be a real winner for me, so long as it’s affordable here in Oz (not so likely).

  3. In fact, I am willing to put my money where my mouth is and I will put $5K down to hold the first one that comes off the production line if they promise me the interior will look like a Saab.

    Oh, and diesel would be nice too :).

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