Think outside the box…and win a SportCombi (if you’re smart enough)


If you happen to live in Ontario (hello Brian), you could win a year’s lease on a 9-3 SportCombi. All you have to do (apparently) is complete the entry form at Saab Canada’s site, telling them what you think would have the best effect in making Toronto a better city.

Residents of Western Canada: be nice!!

I said ‘apparently’ earlier for good reason. The front page of that weblink says that all you have to do is complete the form. But if you go to the Rules & Regulations, you find this at Item 5(b):

General Conditions
5. To be declared a winner and claim a prize, the entrant selected for the Prize must………b) Correctly answer a time-limited, mathematical skill-testing question that will be administered over the telephone at a mutually convenient time, without help of any nature.

I’ll be asking this of Saab Canada – Which is it? Simply fill in the form OR fill in the form and complete a time-limited mathematical skills test not mentioned anywhere else on the site. Can people with fantastic literacy skills but poor numeracy skills win this competition?

More on this later…..

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  1. Steven, my wife (who’s originally from BC) hinted at the same thing when I told her about this last night. It seems that in Canada they can’t have a competition and just give something away, it has to be be a reward-for-achievement type thing (a condition which I’m sure is taken very seriously).

    If so, consider me dismounted from my innumerate high-horse!!

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