2nd rate Saab online

The wind whistles, the tumbleweeds roll……..

If you’re looking for pictures of the soon-to-be-facelifted Saab 9-5 (see here and here) and go to The Saab Network, then that’s all you’ll see and hear. Wind and tumbleweeds. Go click on the General bulletin board, the 9-5 bulletin board and the Future Models bulletin board.


And the real shame of it?

I offered Saabnet’s administrator, Scott Patterson, access to the photos four days ago. The catch? As a source, I asked for a link back to Trollhattan to accompany the shots.

So if you’re a Saabnetter and have somehow stumbled on the photos, spread the word and let Scott know that you would have liked to see them there. Saabnet’s a valuable Saab site, but it’s a real shame it’s such a closed shop. There’s a whole electronic Saab community out there aside from Saabnet, go find it.

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  1. Saabnet is a real closed shop, I got banned for life for speaking my mind about Scott’s totalitarian site management. The straw that broke the camel’s back was the Crisman Memorial Award that Scott sponsors. The Crisman brothers were good friends of mine (outside of Saabnet) who died in a tragic car accident and Scott assembled a crack team to present the award to a kid under 21 with the most people’s choice votes. It was supposed to be an event to promote safety at the national owners’ convention that year, but turned into a “Fast and the Furious” type thing. The coordinator was a drunk and nearly forgot to mention my efforts when we were presenting the award. I defaced a Saabnet sweatshirt that was given to me for my efforts and the banning ensued from there. For speaking my mind, I am forever etched on Scott’s s**t list. That’s alright though, the people that frequent the chat are dolts and have no lives… spend more time chatting about random Saab trivia than work on their Saabs. So being banned isn’t so bad, it’ll just suck when I have a product to advertise in a couple of months and I’ll miss out on all the ignorami that visit TSN. Love what you’re doing here, Swade… this site rocks. – Carl

  2. I was banned last summer after mentioning to SP that he appeared to be practicing unfair censorship where he’d delete certain “un-Saab-like” posts but not others. I merely asked him what exactly was the criteria he used. Before you know it I got the gong. Sure I can understand if a certain webmaster wanted to protect their site’s overall “climate”, but this guy is so far out in the left field that you can almost step back and watch in amusement the sort of things unhappy Saabers report to have happened to them on TSN. SP is really stuck in a bygone era ! Let the mechanics of Darwinism go to work and I can see TSN continue to lose market share. Best thing is there are superior alternatives like TrollhattanSaab, SaabCentral and a little known club in a pretty corner of the world called SCWC 🙂

  3. I was banned for making reference to the fact that the car I was asking questions on was purchased on Ebay. I can understand if you use the BB to advertise for an Ebay auction but come on. And it seems completely arbitrary as I see other’s making Ebay references without getting yanked. It’s his site so he is fully within his rights to do as he wishes but in doing so he certainly limits the appeal and audience. I now only use TSN to look at the classifieds.

  4. Saabnet is becoming an irrelevant joke, a place where only those within Scott Patterson’s chosen clique can freely trade information (all of it Saab-positive, of course). Scooter’s main fault is that he’s only a half-assed megalomaniac. If he was a total one, all forums would be policed equally and there would not be any variation in purged posts. He tries to enforce his own free-flowing set of rules, but can’t catch everything. If one is determined to be another Mussolini, then be the best dammned Mussolini you can be. I’d respect him and the site a lot more that way. But it routinely seems that paid members have a lot more leeway in violating the site rules….

    I’d rather burn money to drive away mosquitoes than give it to Saabnet. And, from the slow post rate there (despite the ludicrous “page hit” stats Scooter boasts of, due more to outdated design than user interest) it looks as if more people are discovering the other fine options out there…

  5. Swade, I remember exchanging a few emails with you a few months back about my dislike for TSN. I don’t remember what the specific instance was about, but I think it may have been a link back to this blog about something-or-other. Perhaps something about the new 9-3 V6? I dunno…

    But from reading the comments here, I’m glad to see I’m not the only one who feels this way. I run my own large (non-Saab-related) web site, and often wonder how my site’s visitors would react if I did the sorts of things he does over there.

    I could go on for days about all the things that go on over there that are just wrong, but that’s not productive. It just makes me glad that I found this site to get my Saab news… despite not driving a Saab anymore :(.

  6. G’day Jim,

    Good to hear from you again. The employee pricing thing didn’t get you back into a Saab?? Maybe you should try the Trollhattan delivery program (while they’re still building cars there!!)

    Gents, you’ll all be pleased to know that this post has now seen me banned from TSN (again *sigh*).

  7. Swade, it was tough… really tough… I had a great price on (what would have been) a beautiful 9-3 Aero w/ Navi, except they could only find one, in black (the only color I DIDN’T want. So the only other option was a loaded Arc.

    But after doing the comparisons dollar for dollar, I had to go with the Acura TL, and so far I love it. Doesn’t have the grunt of my old 9-3, but it’s fun to drive in it’s own right.

    That said, I’m a Saab fan for life, and hope to be back in one at some point.

    BTW, I’m surprised my above didn’t get me banned from TSN. Must be that new IP address **ssh, don’t tell**

  8. JimF,

    As militant as Scott may be in policing his own site, I don’t think there’s a chance he’s banning people for things written on other sites (except for me, of course – 4 days now and counting).

    I hope the Acura’s going well, but I know you’ll find another Swede for the garage down the track. My employer had a CRX a few years ago (were they Honda or Acura?) and said it was the most fun he’s had on 4 wheels.

  9. OMG, a site for Scooter Paterson rejects! How reassuring. I still don’t know for sure what I did, but my ISP is permanently banned. Doesn’t do any good to ask Scooter, he has a whole precanned speech that doesn’t address his favoritism and arbitrariness. It also doesn’t address what he thinks one did wrong. I used to get so p’d off when I saw posts “worse” than mine stay on, while mine got nuked; now I just chuckle. How sad that such a potentially useful site is so tightly throttled. He must not sleep, he polices ALL his forums so completely.

  10. Well, well. What do we have here? Another ‘bash SaabNet’ party, eh? I don’t mind if I do….

    Well, guys, I’ve never been banned (to my knowledge, anyway). However, I’ve had plenty of posts purged, including one to which I really needed an answer. Scott’s arbitrary censorship is very annoying and eliminates much of the good that comes from sharing ideas.

    What really bugs me, however, is the extreme pride of authorship that drives him to retain the outdated ‘homemade’ BB and ad space that he manages. He brags about the site’s capacity for huge numbers of users, but who cares? If I can’t search on more than one term, how do I get reasonable results? If I can’t tell where my post is 4 hours later, how can I see the response. There are work-arounds for these things, but that’s the point, isn’t it? There are limitations that must be worked around.

    And don’t get me started about that gray textured background that just screams 1993.

    Or the convenient search/sort feature on the classifieds. NOT!!

  11. Only until recently have I been able to re-access TSN from my office PC (due to domain and IP change) but I’m still banned from home. I do browse TSN classifieds from time to time simply because they’re primarily North American-based. OK lately I have peeked at some of their “BB”s (ha !) too and noticed there seems to be far less traffic than before. Maybe SP’s senility has kicked into fifth gear and he’s driving hordes of Saabers *away* from TSN ? Maybe the TSNers are in constant fear and only post Saab-friendly messages ?

    But TSN’s loss is the gain of SaabCentral, SaabLink and other forums.

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