9-5 rear end

We finally have a rear-end shot to go with the scary front end shot that inspired my 3-port grille post from the weekend.

The rear-end actually popped up in an Australian report (it was probably elsewhere too, but I missed it up until now). Here ’tis:


Unlike the rear end of the black car featured a few weeks ago, this one has the tail lights in all their uneven glory, though they’d have to be further developed than this (i.e. there’s no reverse lights or indicators present).

As mentioned, this is the rear end of the car that gave me the shivers a month or so ago, when I first saw the front, which is way too Hyundai for me:


It just looks very generic and I’m hoping that the slight fuzziness around the lights etc are indicators of some photoshopping. And I really hope those 3 horizontal slots in the centre of the bumper section are some sort of inside joke by the Saab stylists.

I’ll stick to my preference for this (below) as being the best of the ‘spyshots’ seen so far.


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