A different way to buy your car

Just spotted this on CBS. Click on the link and you can actually watch the story on streamed video.

Employee pricing for everyone is one thing, but this seems like another brilliant deal all together!!! Once again, I think those of you in the US may under-appreciate how good you’ve got it there.

Next time you buy a car, you may be able to get a free trip to Europe out of the deal.

Buying overseas can save you money and give you a dream vacation – buy the car and stay for the vacation.

When Amy Larrea bought her new $29,000 Volvo, instead of picking it up at the dealership near her home, she went directly to the factory in Gothenberg, Sweden.

Larrea, as well as thousands of other Volvo customers, got an 8 percent discount off the list price. That was just the beginning of Larrea’s savings.

“We saved $7,000, plus we got a trip to Sweden, which included the hotel night, the two airline tickets,” Larrea said. “They ship it for you. There’s no hidden surprises.”

Huge savings and a European vacation sounds too good to be true.

“It’s not too good to be true. It’s a great deal for the consumer,” said Scott Doering of Volvo.

Doering says that they do this because the customers turn into brand ambassadors. Building brand loyalty is also why other car manufacturers offer similar programs.

BMW offers a 7 percent discount on its cars, plus half-price airline tickets. Saab gives you a 9 percent discount and $2,000 towards air fare. Unlike the others, Mercedes does not offer airline tickets, but local dealers are offering up to 9 percent off on some models and a perk you won’t find in the states.

“You know just to drive your new Mercedes at the Autobahn where there are no speed limits,” said Brent Sullivan of GM Mercedes-Benz. “It might be a fun experience for most people.”

Although the programs tend to attract the wealthy, more and more customers are like Larrea. She and her husband are store managers, and this is their third Volvo and their third European vacation.

“Everybody should be doing this,” Larrea said. “It’s a no brainer. I would never buy a car any other way.”

You must pay for the car before you go to Europe, although you can get it financed. It also could take eight weeks for your car to be shipped back to America.

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  1. I’m well aware of this type of program. I think it lets them activate some loop hole that lets you avoid paying import tax or something, which is why they give you such discounts for doing it.

    I will be picking up a Saab in Sweden some day. Not any time soon, but some day…

  2. Yeah, the “European Delivery” programs are excellent…especially if you’ve lived in Sweden and can passably mangle the language like me! Just like Ryan M above I plan to take advantage of this at some point….

  3. Well, whoever does it first, I want video of the experience.

    I’ve got more chance of quarterbacking the 49ers than I have of ever participating in such a program. One of the problems of living in the antipodes!!

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