And now for something completely different……

I will get back to Saab stuff soon. I promise.

After the horrid news from London yesterday, it was sensational for me to get to do something tonight that I haven’t done in ages. I played a gig at a pub here in Hobart with my band. The band’s name is Daystream and I play bass.

We haven’t done a gig in ages and tonight’s went off really well. I’m so chuffed I thought I’d link up one of our songs, which you can feel free to have a listen to, keep if you wish, or trash.

This is the first song we ever recorded, back in 2002. We’ve done a bunch since, but in many ways this is still a favourite of mine. The vocal is a little immature (i.e. in strength). Our singer, Lance, has come a long way since, but if you’re willing to overlook some weakspots, it’s a really cool song. It’s called Landslide. It’s probably the most radio-friendly thing we’ve every done too. Most of our other stuff is either a little more out there or rocky.

Enjoy, or not.


By the way, this is the band (me hiding on the left):


And this is my bass:

Day Sess A12 (Low Res).jpg

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  1. Swade… Just gave the track a listen. Very impressive. I used to play drums when I was younger, and that’s very much the style of music I’d like to be playing if I still played. I’d love to hear some more of your songs… do you have any more of them uploaded anywhere?

  2. Hi Jim,

    Glad you liked it. I may upload another later on. Have to watch the bandwidth usage.

    Most of our more recent stuff is rockier, though I tend to like the mellower, more musical stuff.

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