Autoweek’s take on the 9-7x

Autoweek is a very, very busy site. Any significant link that I post there generates a heck of a lot of traffic. This augers well for the 9-7x as Autoweek’s just posted its initial review. They only did a gentle cruise around Quebec (like everyone else recently) but it was enough for them to pen the following:

Built in Moraine, Ohio, along with its midsize SUV siblings, the 9-7X is clearly a GM product. But Saab AB chassis integra­tion engineer Per Jansson says technical specifications and design work were done in Trollhattan. The stamp of the Swedes shows. Driving the 2006 9-7X in Quebec—in both I6 and V8 versions—we were impressed with its overall performance.

…..Unlike many truck-based sport/utes, the 9-7X displays little body roll

…..Though perhaps not as coddling as a 9-5’s seats, the 9-7X’s are comfortable and supportive enough that we could have driven farther than the 150 or so miles we logged in an afternoon behind the wheel

…..Other features contributing to the inviting ergo­nomic environment Saab drivers know and love are the use of high-quality materials throughout the cabin


Yeah, Autoweek liked it too. Just add them to the list.


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