Bits n pieces (or “All In The Name of Liberty”)

Hey all,

It’s a slow start to the week in terms of Saab-related news. There IS a new rear-end photo of the 9-5 below, but whilst the photo is new, there’s nothing new in it.

So a few bits ‘n’ pieces.

I was encouraged by one reader to dabble into the world of podcasting. Whilst the feedback is appreciated (and please, feel free to email or comment any of your thoughts) I think I need to look into a way to make podcasting worthwhile. Take a listen to Autoblog’s latest podcast. I’ll give you $10 if you can stay awake for the whole podcast. In fact, I’ll give you $5 just for making it through the Volvo ad at the start!!

Podcasting certainly has its place, but I don’t want to go down that road unless I can find a formula that’s going to work. Autoblog, I’ll give you a tip – less than 3 minutes, tops, and don’t let anyone say “you know?” unless its part of an actual sentence. You know?

As for a troll-podcast? Stay tuned.


Some of you may know that I play in a band. I’ve been playing in various bands since I was 16 or so. I remember waaaaaay back in high school, our school chaplain asked us to play for a lunchtime presentation that was being given by this ex-convict that had become a Christian and was coming out to speak to us kids. What would we play? Well, being a bunch of young Aussie headbangers, we had to go with AC/DC’s “Jailbreak”. He loved it.

Why am I writing this? A friend of mine was released from prison this morning after around two years inside. He made a pretty stupid decision and took some money from his employer. No-one missed a meal over the stolen funds and no-one was hurt except Russ and his family (and no, I’m not trying to excuse what he did. It’s just a fact, people go inside for things a lot worse than what he did).

Welcome back Russ. You’ve done your time.


A little more thought on design. I’ve never been a big fan of the ng900 or early 9-3, but I saw a ng900 recently that restored my faith in the model. What was the difference?

The wheels.

Slap some decent wheels on these babies and they can actually start to look OK. I’ll try and get a photo of the one I’ve seen recently. It’s parked in a used car yard just up the street from my office and I walk past it every morning.

Prior to seeing this particular car, the only variants that I was mildly interested were the 9-3 Aero or the very rare Monte Carlo. Other than these two, the shape just never grabbed me too much. It just looked a bit too squat, a little narrow across the shoulders. Maybe all it needed was some lowered springs and some decent rims.

And a memorable interior. All of the 900/9-3s I’ve seen (except the Monte Carlo) are either dove grey or beige on the inside. I don’t know if it’s a 30-something behaviour, but I seem to hark back to more interesting interior setups like the rusty-burgundy coloured interior on the rose quartz 900. Or the green interior in my marble white 99 Turbo. Sorry, but when I try to visualise a memorable driving environment, dove grey really doesn’t cut it.

Photos of nicely set up ng900s and early 9-3’s are always welcome.

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  1. You Swade!

    Here’s my quick Podcast tips:

    • You don’t need the best audio gear, but something half-decent will make a big difference. I’m somewhat of an audiohead, but I’m also broke — my cheap audio setup consists of a $60 Behringer pre-amp, a $20 Behringer Microphone, a $20 mic stand, and cabling to hook it all together. Sounds great! About 1000 times better using “Line In” on the computer* than using the built in pre-amps.

    • Being in a band you probably have most this stuff anyway

    • Keep it under 10 minutes or around 10 minutes top and you’re golden! I am subscribed to a dozen or so Podcasts in iTunes, and the only ones I regularly listen to are about 10 minutes or less. I guess if you commute by Subway or something longer ones are great, but if you’re reading a Saab website with any regularity, I’m betting you commute by Saab…

  2. I earned the 5 dollars (US?) and got past the Volvo ad, but I’ll gladly give it back to you as I could not even listen long enough to see if they recalled (ironically) that Volvo had a radiator catalyst coating a few years ago that would clean the air that passsed through it as you drove the car. Sorry, but I don’t care to comment on the concept of podcasting. I’m still trying to figure out what the big fuss about blogs is… So many people who’s opininons are as uninteresting as mine.

  3. Steven,

    US??? This is an Aussie blog compadre, so you’ll be paid in peanuts and You’ll Like It!! Cheque’s in the mail, OK?

    Blogs – the good thing about them is that anyone with a serious interest in something can put together a good site with a little effort and have their voice heard. The not-so-good thing is that you’ve got to sort the wheat from the chaff. There’s a lot out there and finding the good stuff can be laborious, but worthwhile in the end.

    From the blogger’s own perspective, the great thing is being able to delve into your interest with a focused output as the channel for your endeavours. If you do it right and people like it, all the better.

    Ryan – I’m getting some ideas. The main thing for me is to make it aurally interesting. The Autoblog podcast is the ‘Anticast’ as far as I’m concerned. I’m thinking it’ll be fun to tinker with the effects units I have for my bass…..

  4. OK, I’ll gladly take my 3.81 in Aussie funds.

    I guess what I need to realize is the real reason I find your blog an exception from a LOT of other’s that have a lot of worthless crap. Your’s always has something that I find very interresting. I guess this is becasue we have a 9-5 Wagon (the wife’s) and I’m waiting (pant, pant) for my 9-3 Combi Aero 6sp Manual with the 2.8 turbo to make it to the US. I guess this perspective you’re trying to convey??

    However, of the 100 or so blogs I’ve looked at that are related 100% to my career (Lotus Notes/Domino Administation… a boring topic to many but HIGHLY lucrative), 95% are full of tripe or have no relavent or timely postings. My new yardstick is how many comments each post is getting. If they are all zero, time to drop it from my favorites.

    It’s just that blogs and podcasts are getting SOOOO much coverage by the mainstream print media, some of us over 40 folks feel we’re getting too old because we can’t embrace what many others think are so hot. This can be a career killer in the IT industry.

    Maybe I need to go back to my previous career at General Motors and leave IT. At least a GM it is the norm to not enbrace new ideas (sorry).

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