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Bob Lutz is undoubtedly a versatile guy. He’s GM’s ‘car guy’. He flies planes. He cooks stuff. He loves animals. He’s into education. You may be starting think he’s a Ken doll in disguise, but he is, apparently, for real. You can learn all these things about Bob at Fastlane today where there’s a Q&A session. There’s also some stuff about cars there.

Unfortunately, once again, there’s nothing, nada, nix, zippo, kaput about Saab in Bob’s interview. So let’s read a little between the lines and see what Bob hasn’t got to say about our little Swede:

Q: You’ve often said that Pontiac is near to your heart. What is it about this brand and its image that draws you to it?

A: Its glorious history and its legitimate place in the GM brand lineup as an aggressive, performance-oriented brand, appealing to younger people who want a car or truck to be more than just transportation.

As opposed to the illegitimate place in the brand lineup held by……..whom?

Q: Talk to us about Solstice and the impact you expect it to have on Pontiac’s image. Will you buy one?

A: Let’s start with the second question: Clearly, I’ve already placed an order for one, and very definitely intend to own a Solstice…….

I don’t want to sound too sceptical here, but when a guy’s earning megamillions per year, I’m not sure he’s owning a Solstice for anything other than photoshoot purposes –

“Here’s Bob’s garage. Hey!! Is that a Solstice over there, Bob?”

*blushes* “Well, yeah. I know I’ve got the jets over there and the exotic Europeans, but sometimes I’ve just got to get my butt into a $20K roadster or I’m a chance to go postal on someone’s ass.”

“Wow Bob. You really are a Car Guy.”

I don’t want to give the impression that this is all PR crapola. There’s some home truths too.

Q: What are your goals for GTO [edit: Saab] in the future?

A: The future is ill-defined at this point.

The main point of this entire Saab-devoid blogpost is noted right here. Jay Spenchian, please take note.

Q: The public response to the GM FastLane blog has been very positive. Why did you think it was important to give customers a conduit to you on the Web?

A: I think blogs and the Internet have given us a way to have direct contact with a number of our customers and with auto enthusiasts and to get unfiltered feedback from the marketplace – both good and bad.

I don’t want to sound like a broken record, but where is the direct interaction between the company and the marketplace for GM’s global premium brand??

Here’s a tip: Your Saab community is very tech-savvy. They’ll be all over a blogpost in great numbers within an hour or two of publication. Do you have a message to get accross? Do you have something you want some feedback on?

Post it and they will come.

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