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UPDATE: Courtesy of SaabKen, here’s a reference to another 9-3SC review, this time by Canadian Driver. Writer Laurance Yap almost earns an email to ‘shut his yap’ by using the ‘Q’ word early, but recovers to write a fine piece about a very fine car. Check it out.

Oh, and this is Laurance Yap. Please insert your own caption in comments. Best one wins a prize!!!



Edmunds Inside Line drove the 9-7x a few weeks ago and published a pretty good first drive review. It’s happened again with the Edmunds boys throwing around a 9-3 SportCombi to very favourable reviews indeed:

The Right Combi

In 1973 Saab introduced its first hatchback and called it the CombiCoupe. According to Saab, Combi meant the car offered the right combination of style and practicality. This fun-to-drive wagon not only takes its name from that little three-door, but also pays homage to that same solid combination……

……Saab’s newest wagon, the 2006 Saab 9-3 SportCombi, isn’t going to set any sales records, and Saab knows it. Instead, the Swedish manufacturer, which is known for building fun-to-drive cars that are a little different than the typical BMW or Audi, hopes the wagon will introduce the brand to a younger demographic in California and the Northeast.

We think it will……


…..We carved up a few Swedish back roads in an Aero model with a manual transmission, and the hunkered-down wagon gobbled up asphalt. The ride is sporty, but not jarring, the steering offers excellent feedback, and the ReAxs system works transparently to give the SportCombi a glued-to-the-ground feel in high-speed sweepers……

…..While horsepower numbers impress your friends, torque is what you feel in the seat of your pants, and the V6 has lots of it. The engine pumps out 258 lb-ft from 2,000 to 4,500 rpm, which makes it a member of the flat torque curve club. Most amazing, however, is that the SportCombi puts that power to the pavement without any torque steer.

Go check out the entire article here at Edmunds.

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  1. I’m excited for the 9-3 combi. In a few years when I need a new car, I will seriously consider it.

    Only if Saab had an AWD version, this thing would sell like crazy.

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