Forgive me

Forgive Me Part 1

Forgive the lack of entries today, but we were rather flat out at our place. I’ve just stopped for the day, it’s 11.15pm and whilst I’m typing this, there’s people doing far more incredible things than I am. You can watch them from time to time online on the web-streaming version of NASA-TV.

Forgive Me Part 2

Tomorrow morning I have to be up bright and early as I’m heading to the track. No, not the horses or the dishlickers, but a lovely bit of twisy bitumen here in Hobart called Baskerville Raceway.

Why do you need to forgive me? If I manage to get out on the track it will be in a Hun-mobile BMW rather than my own 99. *gasp*

I’d planned to take the 99 out there, but I’m planning some major works later this year and I didn’t make things worse before I got the car all tip-top. In addition, a mate of mine – the one with BMW – was very keen to get the car out on the track, but is unable to drive it out there (for various reasons not to be explained here), so I’m going to his place and driving him and his car out there.

Let’s hope it’s not raining…..


There will be a number of Saabs there from Tasmania’s chapter of the SCCA and I’ll be photographing like a Swedish paparazzi so stay tuned.

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