I still have a pen with “Irresistivertible” written on it, part of the marketing campaign for the 9-3 Conv when it was released.

The Washington Times seem to agree with the sentiment. In an article that manages just one ‘Q’ word, the notably named Russ Heaps allows himself to be charmed by the Austrian Swede:

A buyer need not be a Saab loyalist to pony up the 40 large and change required to put the showroom in the rearview mirror of the 9-3 ARC convertible. Saab has developed a cult following of sorts over the decades, but the 9-3 ARC soft top is quite capable of attracting buyers outside the Saab owner base…..

……Smooth, quiet and aggressive, the 9-3 ARC convertible experience is directed more at the enthusiast than the pampered. Don’t be fooled by the leather seating, high-tech accessories and other luxury affectations, this is a car engineered to be driven to the max.

Click on the 9-3’s backside to enlarge!!


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