Jay Spenchian speaks to Edmunds

I’m probably just going to annoy him, but I’ve got to say it: my first impression of Jay Spenchian after opening the interview page over at Edmunds was “Man, he looks just like that psycho pharmacist, George, off Desperate Housewives!”


*blushes after admission of watching ‘desperates’*

OK, that out of the way, let’s get down to seeing if Jay actually had anything to say that we didn’t already know…..

There’s a 9-5 successor in the pipeline – check.
It’ll take design cues from the 9-3 – OK, news, sort of.
A total 9-5 revamp is 3 to 4 years away – check.
AWD is a distinct possibility – check.
V6 to go into the 9-5 – yawn.
4 to 5 years for AWD accross the lineup – check.
The 9-6x is still a mystery and in development – check.
The 9-4x will come within 4 years (2009) – timing is news.
The 9-7x could continue beyond two years and coexist with the 9-6x – check.
They want to keep the 9-2x going and apply broader differentiation – bravo!
A Sonett may come as a concept – check.

Although brief, I’m sure most people will consider that it was a worthwhile exercise.

I’m not sure there was anything really groundbreaking in this interview and I’m actually really disappointed with the fact that Jay didn’t take this as an opportunity to really fire up the troops. This is the first broad public address I’ve come accross from him and I thought he could have thrown the faithful amongst us a much bigger bone.

In fact, he all but diffused some of the excitement that could have been generated about the possibility of a Sonett being built. Would you build a Sonett successor and change the name?:

Saab lovers have been hoping for a modern-day successor to the old Sonett sports car. Is there something like that in the plan?
Possibly. Maybe as one of our upcoming concepts. We may test the waters. But nothing firm for production.

Would it be called a Sonett, and is that a good name?
We haven’t decided. Globally, [the name] might be. There’s a familiarity with Saab loyalists. I’m not sure what it says to somebody in the U.S.

Jay, email me. Please.

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  1. I would appreciate Mr Spenchian’s comments on Saab’s committment to the IDS program and it’s client service standards. I purchased a convertible through the IDS program and picked it up at the factory in Sweden. I dropped it off at a Saab authorized drop-off agent on Jan 31, 2006 and paid an extra $540 for the drop off service. As of today July 4, 2006 (OVER FIVE MONTHS LATER) I still don’t have my car. It was “lost” for a period of time and then several weeks later when it was “found” I was told that it was damaged in shipment. The drop-off agent gave me the wrong paperwork when I dropped off the car and Saab and it’s insurers have been haggling over the paperwork while keeping my car hostage. After over 5 months I decided the IDS program reps weren’t getting this resolved so I tried to contact Mr Spenchian. My call was returned by a customer service rep who acted like I was calling about a defective battery. She never once attempted to help me solve the problem and kept saying I had to work with the IDS department who had previously told me that they did not have the resources or authority to resolve this issue. Then I faxed a letter to the CEO of GM. I called the number I was given for Mr Spenchian again and said I would fax him a copy of the letter if someone called my back with a fax number. That call was never returned. Finally I persuaded a sympathetic GM operator to let me talked to one of the executives assistants. She was about to blow me off also when I got her to agree to just listen to my story. Appears that she’s gotten someone to help me and I may get my car released within a week. Apparently this is a regular event since Saab’s insurer has stated that it has happened with some frequency that cars are damaged and that customers are given improper paperwork by authorized drop-off agents. Is Saab committed to maintaining this program and correcting it’s apparent problems?

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