My apologies to all and sundry, but I’m just waaaaaaay too busy today to post. I have a great one planned too, but it’ll have to wait as time just doesn’t permit. I lost my wallet last week so I’ve been running around frantic trying to cancel and replace all the necessary bits – drivers licence, credit cards, bank cards etc etc. All these are especially necessary as I’m heading here tomorrow and need some liquidity.

Being Friday, it’s all coming to a crunch. Factor in the fact that I am, from time to time, expected to work my regular full time job, and you can see why Trollhattan has to take a backseat every now and then.

There’s some recommended summer reading below. My Russian Saabmate, Pavel, has also recommended an Apple/Saab piece for your perusal (and I think it was penned by a guy that hangs out at SaabCentral) and my Canadian Saabmate, SaabKen, posted a link to a superb historical appreciation of the Saab brand.

I’d recommend both to you.

Again, my apologies. Normal services should resume shortly.

ADDENDUM: I just HAVE to add this picture, from Saabcentral. Did someone say 9-6x?


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  1. I enjoyed the link to that article. ‘Design’ is definitely the top on my list of why I like both Saab and Apple. It is amazing the thought that goes into each of their products compared to other companies.

    One quick example:

    Apple – the latch on the Powerbooks/iBooks are a great design. It is clean and simple. Two slots and nothing protrudes until just before it is shut securely.

    Saab – 9-3 door handles. I read a quick blurb on them from Saab. They felt the handles are the first impression of the car so they should be designed well. They are solid, open easily with or without gloves and can be reached overhand or underhand (for lack of a better description).

  2. G’day Patrick, thanks for dropping by. I’m not an Apple user myself but have thoughts of switching in the future, and a big pat of the attraction is the design. I have PC at work though, and at home, so it’ll probably be when we have the money and space to get a 2nd machine at home.

    I have a friend who’s Mac-only and he loves it. I play in a band with him and we’re recording our CD straight onto his Mac. Sensational. It’s that kind of functionality that I really like about them (and Saabs).

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