More 9-5 ‘spyshots’

Kudos to Ted over at SaabCentral. Not sure where he got these from but they’re worth sharing. There’s some obvious photoshopping going on here, especially on the interior shot, but the exterior shots aren’t so way out as to be out of the question. Previous shots from earlier in the week (and year) can be viewed here.

Here’s the latest – and I hope they’re real as they’re a lot better than what’s been seen so far!! Enjoy. Click on pics to enlarge.




Just for my own satisfaction, here’s the 9-3x concept vehicle from a few years ago. Notice the front grille and the similarities between it and the 9-5.


And here’s the more radical 9x variant.


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  1. come on bredwrin.. wagwan with da rimzzz in here? no spinnersssssssssssss

    (Sorry for the delay Jon, not always at my PC. Second comment got X’d, OK?)

  2. I like it. Body-colored door handles (finally). And the rear-end treatment is good – a one clear stripe version of the E-class rear end (which I like).

    Assuming, of course, this isn’t a fake.

  3. It does look pretty good. But I can’t see the hood (bonnet?) line above the headlights, which makes me think of some photoshop work done here…

  4. You may well be right, Pavel. I’m just hoping that the lack of line is due to an extraordinary improvement in panel construction resulting in laser-thin gaps in the fit and finish.

    OK, it’s more likely photoshopped, or a bad picture.

  5. “extraordinary improvement in panel construction”


    In this case it wouldn’t be a saab any more, uh? 🙂

  6. I think the frontpicture is photoshopped. Look at the left front side and the grille after increase the pic.

    I hope 9x front

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