Non-related iPod stuff

Following on from the Saab/Apple article from earlier, I thought some of you may be interested in seeing this.

You too can make yourself a real wood iPod cover.


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  1. Comparing Apple to Saab, the similarities are stunning.

    Both have well designed, under-appreciated products. Saab is the fastest growing company in the UK yet still one of the smallest companies overall. Apple is growing at 3x the rate of any PC manufacturer, yet they still only have a 3% market share.

    People are constantly predicting the demise of both companies.

    Apple is in the black now, but they were in the red for a number of years. The iPod is helping them in amazing ways. The player itself is grand, but it’s created a halo effect for the company — it’s the gateway drug for Macism.

    Saab needs an iPod.

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