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I’ve done some coverage of Hirsch on Trollhattan, but only a little as they seem content to keep this GM-approved modification house under wraps. There was even a Hirsch press release from GM recently, but it was only issued in German!!! Grrrr.

Well, language is only a minimal barrier here at Trollhattan. With the help of the ever-not-so-reliable AltaVista Babelfish, here’s what the release had to say about the Hirsch’s latest work. My German’s incredibly limited, but I assume that wherever you see the word “deer” that it’s OK to read it as “Hirsch”.

Check out the babe in red!!!! You can click to enlarge the pic

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Oh, and to GM: People need to know more about the house of Hirsch and the many desireable things they can do for a Saab. Here’s a tip: If you want to stop these crappy German-English translations getting out there, THEN PUBLISH THIS STUFF IN ENGLISH FROM THE GET-GO!!!!


Saab “performance by deer”:

Increase in value with achievement and optics ·
the new offer is as large as never before ·
185 KW/252 HP for 9-3 Topmodelle aero ·
also 1.9TiD when desired with achievement pluses ·
bear-strong 9-5 exceeds 300-PS-Grenze ·
warranty remains with all models

Ruesselsheim – the individual possibilities for Saab customer noticeably of increasing and their appearance of arranging still sportier the achievement of their vehicles, are as extensive as never before. Under the designation Saab “performance by deer” are offered now for the current models of the series of 9-3 and 9-5 for eight engines altogether ten Tuning sentences. In the program of the Saab Germany GmbH an increase in output for the 2.0T aero versions of 9-3 sport sedan, 9-3 Cabriolet and for the 9-3 sport sedan 1,9 TiD with most modern Common Rail technology and standard particle filter is completely new. The vehicles reach deer “185 KW/252 HP (instead of 154 KW/210 HP) or 129 KW/175 HP in its execution” performance by (instead of 110 KW/150 HP)

The highest performance performance model from the optimized Saab pallet remains further the 9-5 2.3T aero (sedan and sport combination), which draws 224 KW/305 HP of strength from a 2,3-Liter-Vierzylinder-Triebwerk and over a maximum torque of 420 Nm when 2.000 revolutions per minute ordered (400 Nm with the employment of the five-course mechanism). Its bear-strong start in particular in the middle speed range makes it sovereigns, strong Cruiser with high achievement and thus security reserves. Nevertheless it is also a benefit of taking with 9-5 2.3T aero winding highways under the wheels.

These positive characteristics all Saab “performance has by Hirsch” models: Count not primarily the naked achievement data, but the balanced rating of the engines and the point-exact callableness of the achievement in the everyday life use – not on a racing course.

The range of the necessary in each case technical measures with the Saab “performance by Hirsch” models is different and required, depending upon achievement strength, apart from interferences into the motor control also changes in the engine surrounding field (intercooler, turbocharger, exhaust system) as well as partly in the chassis and in the brake assembly. To the customers the possibility remains of course, after the increase in output alternatively a manual switching or an automatic transmission for perfect power transmission to orders.

The different Tuning possibilities are not limited inevitably to new vehicles. Also used cars can later be rigged in the context of the technical possibilities. All vehicle improving, which do not stand on basis of the Topmodelle 9-3 or 9-5 aero, can be ordered with the remaining motorizing of the Saab “performance by Hirsch” offer in connection with the equipment lines linear, Arc and Vector.

Beyond the achievement plus the Saab customers different aerodynamics attachments, wheel combinations of tires as well as sporty accessories for the interior are offered. To it sport steering wheels in carbon leather execution or pedals made of aluminum belong for example.

Increasing trend for individualizing

“the trend for individualizing high-quality automobiles increases still. Therefore it is consistent only if we continue to intensify co-operation with the deer performance AG and thus “Ulrich Mehling, managing director of the Saab Germany GmbH with seat at Ruesselsheim offer, explain an extensive Tuning program to our customers. It supplements: “apart from the increase in value with achievement and optics there is a further, completely crucial advantage: The factory-installed guaranteeings remain in its entirety.”

The Swedish Premiummarke Saab selected in pc. the Gallen resident deer performance AG as only official partner for the increase in output and refinement of Saab passenger vehicle and locked before three years an appropriate exclusive contract with Swiss enterprise. The team around owner René deer had been recommended with its singular know-how in the engine technology and highest claim of quality with the development of accessories as world-wide prominently in the refinement of Saab vehicles. All components, from the engine performance increase to the light alloy wheel, are exclusively manufactured and co-ordinated during aufwaendigen processes carefully. Deer performance stands without reservation behind the philosophy of Saab, which does not permit compromises regarding security, quality and Understatement.

The Saab Germany GmbH supported from the beginning engages co-operation with deer performance. After with the model 9-5 2.3T aero on that had been introduced Paris automobile salon in the autumn 2002 the first official product of Swedish-Swiss co-operation, the German Saab dealer delivered only few weeks later the first, in the framework the newly closed contracting party shank developed customer vehicles Saab “performance by deer”.

Ulrich Mehling: “Saab customers have in principle a special preference for high performance and well equipped vehicles. We see that in all current series. With deer performance we address particularly the target group, which would like itself particularly to position in efficiency and appearance. Equally the possibilities of an exclusive vehicle refinement can be also very good arguments in recruiting customers, who give still another preference at present to another mark. Altogether thus we put a further foundation-stone to be offered with deer performance for the optimization of our sales sale and for the better Profitabilitaet of our partners, over those the vehicles officially.” And the managing director of the Saab Germany GmbH already gives a small view to the future: “natural the fact that we will again extend our deer performance offer if new 9-3 sport combi on the market comes.”

Also 9-3 Cabriolet with Topperformance

On the basis of normally 154 KW/210 HP of strong two-litre four-cylinder engine in full aluminum building method, with turbo-loading and four-valve technology, aero “performance stands by deer” in the case of the 9-3 sport sedan and with 9-3 Cabriolet of the 2.0T, which in its Topversion 185 KW/252 HP carries out when 5.500 revolutions per minute. Interferences into the engine often commodity, a larger intercooler as well as a new exhaust system made of high-grade steel are necessary for the increase in output. The maximum torque grows in relation to the series of 300 Nm with 2.500/min to 370 Nm with 2.700/min (350 Nm with the employment of the five-course automatic transmission).

Although the 2.0T aero Cabriolet is heavier construction dependently 130 kilograms than the otherwise comparable sport sedan (1,630 kg), it accelerates only insignificantly more slowly from zero on 100 km/h than the counterpart with steel roof: 6,9 to 6.5 seconds, in each case measured with the five-gearbox. In the material employment for example when overhauling a very much greater importance comes to the elasticity of the engine and its acceleration achievement. The two “by Hirsch” models convince performance also here. Km/h (measured in each case in the fifth course) the Cabriolet completes the Sprint of 80 to 120 in 8.8 seconds, the sport sedan is again seven tenth ofs a second faster.

Despite the sporty road performances the values consumed are comparatively favorable. On 100 kilometers travel distance uses the Cabriolet of on the average 10.7 litres of super plus (RON 98), the sport sedan approves itself on same distance a half litre less. Instead of the five-gearbox if the five-course mechanism is used, the values consumed read: 11,1 and/or. 11.4 litres.

Who gives itself at the same time with the 9-3 aero models of Cabriolet and sport sedan with an output of 169 KW/230 HP contently and would like to save money, that must only a change of the electronic engine management orders. This is also the minimum insignificant, which is necessary, in order to make the gasoline he models more dynamic 1.8t and 2.0t: Their maximum performances rise after changed programming of 110 KW/150 HP or 129 KW/175 HP to 143 KW/195 HP.

A Diesel of sporty extra class

A completely special experience is the Diesel variant 1,9 TiD for the 9-3 sport sedan, whose achievement was improved. In the previous year for the first time the presented four-cylinder aggregate had 1.910 cubic centimeters capacity and most modern High Tech Kompo nenten: Common Rail common-Rail-Direkteinspritzung of the newest generation with up to 1.600 bar injection pressure and multiple injection, supercharger with variable turbine geometry and load air cooling, aluminum cylinder head with four valves per cylinders, electronically controlled recycling of exhaust gases with water cooling as well as electronically controlled spin price increase.

The 1,9 TiD engine is equipped in series with the most modern at present available particle filter and fulfills the Euro-4-Abgasnorm. In contrast to conventional particle filters it is maintenance-free and self-cleaning: Fuel additives or regular replacement are redundant. The efficiency and the excellent run culture of the engine were often praised by the specialized technical and customers in the last months. The programming of the controller made by deer performance provides for the special “Kick” and guarantees road performances, which would have been not even approximately possible years ago with a Diesel. With one increased output of 18 KW/25 HP opposite the standard model the maximum torque of 315 rises to sovereigns 370/350 Nm (six-course switching/six-course automatic transmission). Thus the sporty self fuze of elasticity values within the range of the 2.0T aero Benziners “performance reaches by deer”.

The compact, uprated middle class sedan is reserved nevertheless with the consumption, which is on the average with 6,5/7,3 litres Diesel fuel per 100 kilometer (1,9 TiD with six-course switching/automatic transmission). With the introduction of the new 1,9 TiD aggregates the Diesel with the name 2,2 TiD from the program for the 9-3 sport sedan was taken. Saab would like to give however also the possibility to the drivers of this model later of increasing the achievement of their car. After appropriate umprogrammierung of the controller the maximum output of the four-cylinder is about 107 KW/145 HP (instead of 95 KW/125 HP).

Wheel combinations of tires to 19 tariff

All increases in output in the context of the offer of Saab “performance by deer” do not make necessary in the case of the 9-3 sport sedan and with 9-3 Cabriolet changes at the brake assembly or the chassis. When desired sport chassis a setting lower set consisting of four feathers/springs can be supplied in connection with the Saab, which brings the body to the road around additionally ten millimeters more near. The emphasis likewise lower thereby brings an additional plus at dynamics and road-hugging property with fast driving along curves. Three different wheel combinations of tires carry the deer performance Logo: Aluminum rims of the size of 7.5 x 17 tariff are equipped with tires of size 225/45, while the rims of the size carry 8 x 18 tariff tire of size 225/40. Both rims are by the way in the Design identical: six spokes. The maximum is 8 x 19 tariff a large light alloy wheel in the three-spoke Design with tires of size 235/35.

The flagship: Saab 9-5 2.3T aero

The aero version of the model row 9-5 is the flagship of the Premiummarke made of Sweden. From a 2,3-Liter-Triebwerk with four-valve technology and turbo-loading the aero draws normally 184 KW/250 HP (with 5.300/min) and a maximum torque of 350 Nm (with 1.900/min). Thus a top speed of 250 is just as easily possible km/h (limited) as the acceleration of zero on 100 km/h in only 6.9 seconds (measured with the sedan and the five-gearbox). Impressing also the elasticity values, in the following likewise by the example of the standard sedan with five-gearbox shown out: 60 to 100 km/h (fourth course) in 6.5 seconds, of 80 to 120 km/h (fifth course) in 8.9 seconds. Sedan and sport combination of the upper middle class were therefore desired objects of deer performance for an extensive revision. The increase in output of the 2,3-Liter-Turbomotors is obtained over different mechanical changes as well as the adjustment of the electronic Saab Trionic motor control.

Thus the in series used Mitsubishi turbocharger by a larger turbo of is saved (load pressure: 1,15 bar) replaces. The intercooler is more than twice as large opposite the series radiator and reduces the load air temperature over up to 90 degrees. The air intake range is likewise changed like the gasoline pressure control valve. A single or a double tube exhaust system (dependent on the model year of the vehicle) made of high-grade steel with special catalysts provides for sound proofing and pollutant reduction (D4-Abgasnorm). With installation of the double tube haven exhaust also a particularly adapted tail apron belongs to 9-5 2.0T to the equipment extent of the aero “performance by deer”.

The engine performance of 224 KW/305 HP reaches the 9-5 aero Saab “performance by deer” with 5.300/min. The maximum torque of 420 Nm is available over a broad number of revolutions volume from 2.000/min to 4.000/min. If the turbo engine with the five-course mechanism is combined, the maximum torque reduces to 400 Nm. For the efficiency of the aero stand a full passage in all driving conditions, best elasticity and an excellent acceleration.

Thus the sedan, equipped with manual five-gearbox, needs for keeps in track from zero on 100 km/h only 6.4 seconds. The 9-5 sport combination is only two tenth ofs a second more slowly. Also the use of the five-course mechanism Saab Sentronic entails only insignificantly longer times for the classical Sprint with both versions: 6,6 or 6.8 seconds. The maximum speed is with the aero sedan and the sport combination also in the performance execution 250 km/h.

The sporty achievements do not have to be compensated with an excessive Kraftstoffkomsum. Thus the sedan and the sport combination on 100 kilometers travel distance on the average only 9.3 or 9.5 litres of super plus (RON 98) from that use 75 litres seizing tank (equipped with the five-gearbox). 10,1oder of 10.3 litres are it with employment of the Saab Sentronic mechanism. The chassis and the brake assembly were adapted to the increased achievement: Sportily co-ordinated shock absorber/spring loaded capsules, which bring at the same time a setting lower to the body by ten millimeters, and size 225/45 on 17-Zoll-Leicht-metallfelgen or 225/40 on 18-Zoll-Felgen ensure also during fast travel a safe road-hugging property alternatively to tires with at the same time good comfort.

Inside ventilated disc brakes at the front axle (diameter: 331 millimeters) with high performance four-piston brake calipers brakes of the specialist Brembo and inside ventilated disc brakes in the back (diameters: 300 millimeters) provide for short braking distances.

Also with the series deer performance for the aero offers a second, somewhat simpler version, which stands out nevertheless noticeably with a good price performance ratio for the customer however against the series vehicle to 9-5 below the Topmodells. Changed programming of the motor control, new intercooler, another syphon and air cleaner housings as well as a single or a double tube exhaust system are necessary, in order to reach an output of 206 KW/280 HP.

Accessory for Exterieur and Interieur

Changes in the chassis and the brake assembly are not necessary with this model – they can be ordered however separately. The list of the options from “performance by the Hirsch” catalog specifies 9-5 numerous further sporty accessories for Exterieur and Interieur for the series: three-part mesh grill, tail spoiler for the sedan, roof spoiler for the sport combination, front spoiler set, carbon instrument panel kit and sport steering wheels in carbon leather or in leather leather execution.

For all motorizing six-saliva calibration metal rims of the size of 7.5 x 17 tariff (tire are available: 225/45) and 8 x 18 tariff (tire: 225/40). Beside the 2,3-Liter-Triebwerk in 9-5 aero deer offers to performance in the case of sedan and sport combination for the gasoline pure riser 2.0t as well as for the 2.3t an increase in output, which is based on a change of the motor control. With this measure the 2.0t reaches 154 KW/210 HP (instead of 110 KW/150 HP), the 2.3t comes on 162 KW/220 HP (instead of 136 KW/185 HP). The maximum torques rise thereby from 240 to 320 Nm and/or from 280 to 360 Nm.

Security in series on board

Independently of the numerous improving possibilities within the framework of the program Saab “performance by deer” – apart from sportyness and dynamics – the many other positive aspects of the Saab model rows 9-3 and 9-5 are without reservation present: Security, comfort and extensive standard – and all this in combination with the exclusivity and individuality of the Swedish Premiummarke. Particularly with the topic security takes Saab traditionally a top position in the global automotive manufacture.

Thus on the German market excluding vehicles are offered, which reached the maximum of five stars in the difficult EuroNCAP Crashtest: 9-3 sport sedan and Cabriolet as well as 9-5 sedan and sport combination belongs thereby to the safest vehicles of their classes. Of course features belong in front like adaptive Frontairbags, Seitenairbags, to Kopfairbags (only in the case of the 9-3 sport sedan), belt-taut and belt force limiters as well as active head restraints (Saab Active Head Restraint) to the standard scope of supply.

Many electronic aids, like brakes with anti-skid system, electronic stability program (ESP), traction control, electronic braking force distribution, mechanical brake assistant and curve brake control (only at the 9-3 product family), support the driver in critical driving conditions. With 9-3 Cabriolet protect besides in fractions of a second automatically driving out overroll bar (DynaCage) the passengers with an estimate. For best comfort provide with all models ex factory for example electrical window lifters, zentralverriegelung, electrically adjustable outside mirrors and an air conditioning system.

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