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Just for fun, today’s entry was previously written in “Swedish Chef” dialect, courtesy of a groovy plug-in translator I have here at Trollhattan. I’ve now changed it back to normal, but further use of my dialectator may be made in the distant future.


As predicted, the GM “Employee Pricing for Everyone” scheme, which delivered pretty huge incentives and saw sales skyrocket last month, has been extended to August 1. Ford have responded by introducing the “Ford Family Plan” – no contraceptives involved – and Daimler Chrysler will do something insipid in response as well (I really can’t be bothered looking them up – sorry).

9-2x’s flew out the door last month but stocks of the desirable Aero manual model must now be very, very low. Hopefully, with a decent ramp up in production and the shuffling off of it’s invoicing problems, the 9-7x will become more prominent and the 9-5 might show some final signs of life prior to it’s facelift in a few months time.


We all cried so hard when it was announced that the production of 9-3’s and eventually, 9-5’s, would be moved to Russelshiem in the next few years. Yet the sound of tumbleweeds passing by is all that’s registered as the 9-3 Convertible is being considered for a move back to Trollhattan after several years of production by Magna Steyr in Graz, Austria.

WOOHOO!!!!!! There. Celebration held.


Per Eklund finally tasted some podium success in his 9-3 Sport Sedan taking third place in the European Rallycross event at Holjes, in Sweden on July 2/3. Check out Mike Jager’s site for all the details. Per’s currently running 7th in the championship with 56 points, but is only 12 points out of 4th place. Go hard!!


There’s a couple of guys here in Australia named Darren Hossack and Dean Randle who are both driving Chevy V8 powered Saabs in the Australian Motor Racing Series TranZam Sports Sedan competition. Dean’s currently running second in the championship. I’ll try and find more details soon.


US sales data for June arrived very quickly indeed, but I’m still hunting for UK data. Any help appreciated.

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