Sales data for June

Did GM have a sales rise in June?

Well, duh!!!

Who cares about the whole company? This is a Saab site, so how did our little Swedish/Japanesish/Americanish car company go? (And yes, it felt wierd to write that)

Well, based on sales days in June 2005 vs June 2004, Saab recorded a mere 57% sales rise!!!!

That’s 6,614 units this year compared to 4,045 unit in June last year. In the 6 months to June 2004, there’s been 20,968 Saabs sold in the US vs 19,430 being sold Jan-June 2004.

There were 1,999 9-2x’s sold for the month, almost double what was sold in May (which was a record month itself). Perhaps the surprise is that there were 3,608 9-3’s sold during the month – I’d have thought the 9-2x would have been the runaway volume winner due to the rebates.

The 9-5 sold a mere 691 units and the 9-7x, hampered by invoicing and delivery problems, managed to book up a mere 316 units.

Here’s hoping GM extend the discount period as rumoured and give the 9-7x a better chance.

Data: GM media

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  1. The 9-5 is a dead platform and needs to be updated quickly. The new 9-3 is so much more roomy than the old model that it almost makes the 9-5 obsolete (in its current form).

    Someone looking for a 9-5 is going to be invariably attracted to a 9-3, so I expect sales to be slow until the new 9-5 model is released.

  2. allan’s right-9.5 needed major help 2 years ago

    9.3 with ReaXs rear…brilliant!

    Carl, Jan, Jay…looking for a “halo” car? You make dozens? everyday. They’re called 9.3 TiDs.

    Just sell them in markets you’re not today. Maybe 50K+ yearly. No employee discounts required. No joke. Get on it. dzlsabe

  3. “Someone looking for a 9-5 is going to be invariably attracted to a 9-3”

    – unless they take test drives on both!! If they do, they are more likely to stick to 9-5.

  4. Pavel, not meaning to pour cold water on your argument, but Allan happens to own a 9-5, or did until a few days ago. He’s just traded it in.

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