Some 9-5 for your future

Commenter Mikial has dropped us all a link to some design sketches. One has a 9-5 designation on the back and whether the others are directly related is a matter for your own judgement.

The sketches appeared on Autospies but as you’ll see, 2 of them bear an Auto Express watermark and another, an Autocar moniker. I’ll take a peek at these sites to see if there’s any more info on them.





As Prince said…”I’ve seen the future and it works

Maybe they could mate one of these bodies with the 4.3l V8 and AWD system they were talking about a few years ago!! Hubba Hubba Hubba…

Now to something that doesn’t quite work (IMHO). Nevertheless, here is someone’s idea of a possible Sonett re-model. Looks a little too ‘Mini’ for my liking.


Those bug-eyes might reflect the Sonett Mk 1 (inset photo), but they bear little resemblance to Saab’s current lineup.

Again, thanks Mikial for the pic. Your reactions and thoughts are always welcome.

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  1. I have another photo that you may be interested in, but need an email due to the fact that I saved it on my CPU…

  2. 9-5 looks a little Peugeot-inspired to me. But it’s not that bad.

    “sonett” is, I guess, a photoshopped Porsche Boxter

  3. Ok, if GM was to build a Saab 9-5 Fastback…I would shun the brand and absolutely never buy another SAAB car again. And get rid of my current Saab. Now that says alot.

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