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[puts on hat, places carnation in lapel and folded newspaper under left arm]

I have a source. Let’s call this source “Djup Strupe” for the time being.

I just contacted this source through a myriad of disguised phone lines that showed Djup Strupe’s location as being in Tangiers. Like I said, they were disguised.

Anyway, this source is connected, knows a thing or two about what’s going on in the Swedish kingdom. And here’s what the source told me:

1) The 9-5 spyshots we’ve seen up until now are very accurate. Djup Strupe saw some photos of the facelifted model that will debut at Frankfurt in September, taken directly from Trollhattan by Saab in the last few weeks and shown directly to him by some Saab honchos from Sweden. The 9x type nose as seen in these spyshots may be the look that is coming on newer model Saabs in the future. Djup did say that the nose in the photos shown was very similar to the 9x, with the outer ports of the old 3-port grill integrated with the headlights.

2) The same Swedish Saab honchos also revealed to Djup Strupe photos of the proposed 9-6x!! I begged and pleaded but these are top secret and were shown to Djup Strupe only, rather than handed over. I offered Djup Strupe a look at a photo posted here last week and Djup Strupe said that it’s a pretty good likeness. Djup Strupe was quite enthused by the pictures seen, to say the least.

This is the pic, different from he C-pillar back, but otherwise a pretty good likeness to what Djup Strupe saw:


And yes, I know this is the smaller 9-4x sized proposal, but we’re looking at styling and concept here, not definites.

3) The 9-2x in its current guise will never be seen oustide North America and the 9-6x will only make it to Australia if a model is developed for Europe, Great Britain in particular (due to RHD compatibility). That’s nothing new, but what is new is that Suuby are fighting an Australian 9-6x like you wouldn’t believe as we’re Suuby’s 2nd biggest market outside of Japan.

[removes hat, crushes carnation and burns newspaper]

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  1. Sorry — I was in denial that Apple was switching to Intel right up until 10 minutes after I heard it from Steve Job’s mouth and I’m still in denial they’re switching away from the classic grille so:

    Why would they be showing a concept with 3 port grille when they’re switching away from it.

  2. That’s a question best answered by others apart from me. I only bring the news – OK, that’s a load of bull, I comment a lot. But perhaps it’s a top-down trickling thing. Bring it in for the flagship model and spread it over others in ensuing years.

    One thing Djup did say was that it’s very much like the 9x nose, with the outer ports integrated with the headlights (maybe I should put that in the post?!).

  3. Swade… the pics of the grey 9-5 that are published everywhere on the net are quite true to the final product, on what concerns front + interior. The rear will be just like the white car pictured! The SW rear end is quite fantastic, far better than the Sedan You can trust me on this.. I’ve touched them in the final version a few days ago you can imagine where ;))

    As for the SUV no name has been yet decided and it will be quite similar with the pictured model with the rear somehow like an Alfa 147…! The interior is quite modern with a very high dashboard…


  4. Can you get “Djup Strupe” to comment on any upcoming facelift for the 9-3 series?

    I would like to see a updated version next year! Better quality in the interior and more agressive exterior. Plus the BioPower engines from the 9-5…

  5. On the facelifted 9-5, there are TWO tailpipes, suggesting a V6 ?!? But other reports (including Jay Spenchian’s interview) suggest a more tuned HOT 2.3T outputting 260bhp. What’s the scoop ?

  6. I noticed Edusaab has got a thread going on the 2.8 coming to the 9-5. Djup Strupe mentioned this to me the other day too, but I really thought that that had already been uncovered anyway. Perhaps it hadn’t.

    But it really is a no-brainer for GM. It would be a pretty farcical situation to have the ‘smaller’ sedan outgunning the flagship model. They’ve got the engine there, it’s just a matter of fabricating the right mounts and tuning it to the correct spec.

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