Spy Stories II

The other day I bought you some information from my own ‘local’ Saab source, nicknamed Djup Strupe. This was information about the upcoming facelifted 9-5, among other things.

I’d now like to welcome Djup Strupe II to the fold. What’s he got for us? Well, he has a cameraphone for starters…….

The 9-5 - 2.JPG


Thanks to Andante at Saab Central, we also have this pic from Expressen, a Swedish web news source. The picure is noted as being a montage, but shows the grille/headlight treatment a little clearer. And I’m starting to warm to it. Quite a bit, actually.

The 9-5 3.JPG

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  1. I have to say that I’m not real big on all of the chrome around the lights and grill. It looks a little to “American luxury car” to me.

  2. JG,

    There’s been some concern about that floating around. I think we’ll need to see some other colours (i.e. the paintwork) to see how it really looks.

    I’ll leave the jury out for now.

  3. Quite unfortunate the tri-port grille is gone. Not too sure I’m excited about the chrome around the headlights as well.

  4. When I first saw the pic at Autoblog I thought it was the new Hyundia Sonata. The loss of the tri-port grill is a big mistake I think. It just dosen’t look like a Saab in any way shape or form. Looks more like a non-discript Asian sedan. Saab should be given bolder, not blander, styling.

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