Spy stories III

There’s still even a little more to come, but these are the latest from Djup Strupe II. Behold, some interior, tail and wagon shots.

The 9-5 5 ii.JPG

The 9-5 4 ii.JPG

The 9-5 6 ii.JPG

The only question arising from these shots for me regards the tail lights. Here in Australia at least, vehicles are required to have a clear tail lamp for when the car is geared in reverse. There doesn’t appear to be a clear section in the cluster, but it may be different for different markets.

EDIT – just received from Djup: concerning your question about the clear taillight for reverse, it’s there: the left light towards the center looks red but has very small white lines that allow a bright white light to show up when reverse is engaged.

See below for the first images of the front of the vehicle.

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  1. That is quite horrible!! I can’t believe GM is installing the corporate radio and climate controls into the 9-5!! No nav screen still??

  2. I want to like it… i really do..but i just can’t. Cover up the badge and it could easily be some crappy $20,000 KIA!! What possesed them to ditch the 3 port grille? Isn’t it a SAAB trademark? They wouldn’t make a chevy without a big ugly bowtie on the front…. GRR this makes me angry…but before i dish out more criticism i’ll wait to see ‘official’ studio shots..lets hope they are more likeable.

  3. The centre console was a worry for me too. It’s not that it’s an UNattaractive unit, just that it’s a unit that’s going to be seen on a lot of other models in the GM range, and some of them lesser models. I just don’t know if that’s a good thing.

    There’s sensible parts sharing and then there’s real, bald-faced compromising. I have a feeling this is more of the latter than the former.

  4. I’d have to see a bit more of the back, but otherwise I like it. I’ll hopefully be moving up to a 9-5 or at least a sportcombi as my family is getting larger. Saab really needs a radical design departure so people won’t just look and say “Yep, 9-5.” We need a “Hey, what’s that?” car.

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