Summer Reading Saab Style

Fastlane is taking a summer break, but there’s no rest for the wicked here at Trollhattan (plus, it’s winter here in Oz). I hope the whole of GM ain’t having too big a break. There’s competitors to catch. Why did Magic Johnson never take a holiday? Because he new that every summer, somewhere in Indiana, Larry Bird was out there on the farm shooting baskets, getting better all the time. GM, especially you, Jay Spenchian, get back in the saddle please.

For those of you that have earned a break and are looking for some Saabified summer reading, try these little gems:

Me offering my services to Bob Lutz, to work for Saab in the USA or Canada.

A call to get Saab back into rallying.

Build it and they will come – the 9-3x.

My first open letter to Jay Spenchian, the new head of Saab USA follwing the resignation of DKE (Debra Kelly-Ennis, or Don’t Know Enything).

China’s nice, but home is where the heart is. Another letter to Bob.

Who is Saab’s legitimate competition? Saab Vs….

A look at the future – cars are definitely more than just ‘adequate transport’.

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  1. I was happy to see that you enjoyed apple/saab article. So, I’m wondering if you’d heard about this:

    Friday, December 31, 2004

    Saab sign up iPods

    Car manufacturer Saab is installing iPod systems into its new productions, according to reports.

    The Mac News technology website has reported that the Swedish manufacturer is following the lead set by BMW and installing iPod integration kits in future models.

    The development has not officially been publicised by Saab who has instead listed the setup in its most recent accessories catalogue.

    According to reports, the iPodswill be installed in the armrests in Saab 9-3s wired to a steering-wheel control stick.

    The news follows the similar collaboration of BMW with Apple iPod which first took place in September this year.

  2. Pavel, I’d heard rumours that such a thing might happen, but I’ve never heard anything official, and you’d think that something would have come out by now, especially with all the new models that they’ve had to publicise. I think it’d be a great idea, though I’d understand their caution in proceeding too quick and too specific.

    iPod and other MP3 type devices operate in different ways and perhaps the best option is offer a car mounting kit similar to a mobile phone. Why offer something that only Apple people can use? If I have another MP3 player, can I still use it? I’m sure questions like these would be weighing on their minds.

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