Time for some Saab mixed media

Actual Saab news is quite thin on the ground at the moment, so I’m going to the archives and pulling out all the stops to give readers something to do – gotta pass that office time somehow, right? Just watch out for Terry Tate!

So here we go, with mixed media – print and video all in the one post.

First up, the print.

Thanks to Robin in Un-Zed, here’s another review of the 9-3 SportCombi, this time from TopGear. I use the word ‘review’ with caution as it seems maybe the journo just took it for a quick spin. Nothing in-depth here, but another good, positive write-up just the same:

……this new Saab is no estate – it’s a ‘Sportwagon’, which, like ‘Touring’ and ‘Avant’, convinces young execs that a little extra storage space doesn’t herald the onslaught of middle age.

And there’s more to it than a big boot and clever name. The styling is lifted straight from the concept car, with a hockey-stick-shaped rear shoulder and chunky roofline disguising the swollen rump……

……at nearly £28,000, there’s a lot of competition. None, though, offers such a blend of style and class.


The Video

Here’s a very quick clip from a advertisement for the Saab 93, way back in the 1950’s.

93 ad.jpg

You’ll dream of Swedish summers, the whole family snuggling up to sleep in the cavernous interior and you’ll be amazed at how the wheels turn when you move the steering wheel!!

Ah, the fifties!!

Before you view the clip, you’ll need to download and install the DivX codec to play it, but it’s worthwhile – and I’ve had no hassles with using the codec in Media Player.

Click here to load the video – now removed.

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