To love, honour, and ebay

At around midnight tonight it’ll be a full 7 days since I’ve had a cigarette. Woohoo!! Actually feeling pretty good. There’s been no big chemical craving at all. The big temptation is just to regain the 5 minutes of solitude that I used to get every now and then.

Like yesterday, work is going to keep me away from the PC for most of the day (it’s terrible when work gets in the way of your blogging!!).

In the meantime, would you buy this for $310?? It’s got a lot of bits that I could share with my 99 – they’re even the same color!! The hassle will be getting it here, one of the problems of living on an island. Say I win the auction at around $450. I then have to fly to Sydney, drive the car back to Melbourne, put it on the ferry and then drive it down here to Hobart. All of a sudden the $450 bargain is around $900+. Still, not too bad even at that price.


Looking forward to seeing June 2005 sales figures in the next few days. The GM employee pricing scheme has had mostly positive reviews but the proof will be in the numbers and the reduced inventories. Watch this space.

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