When I get some spare cash (yeah, right) I’m heading over to Playsam to get me one of these…..


SAAB 001 Black

One of the most modern and futuristic car model of its time. Sixten Sason´s protoype 92001 has inspired Playsam to design a wooden model painted in high lustre black paint. Length: 220 mm.

Looks like there’s a similar model over at Saab Expressions., where they also have a whole slew of groovy stuff – get your SportCombi cufflinks NOW!!!


Internet retail therapy – a very dangerous thing!

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  1. Swade,

    nice thoughts there but haven’t holden just announced the Monaro production is being wrapped up next month for the forseeable future?

    In pure technical terms though, great idea. Take something like the HSV coupe 4 and give it a decent transmission + tone down the tupperware.

    Or put the Holden (Bosch) AWD package in the 95 estate & 93 sprt combi…?!?!

    Plenty to work with as you say. Will they do anything approaching this ? I wouldn’t be betting my money?

    Get the 93 back into rallying even ?!? Where are you Erik Carlsson?

  2. Yeah, I know. I did hear about that, but it doesn’t mean that the platform is instantly dead and gone. I’m pretty sure they’ll still be using it Stateside for the GTO in the near term.

    Like you said (and I said), all it means is that the machinery’s there.

    I think Carlsson may be on his way to the US for the Saab Owners Convention next month!

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