Another man’s SOC

A big “thankyou” to Ryan from DC for the following on SOC.

The SOC was amazing! The weather in Vermont was perfect!

Saab Cars USA showed up in a major way with a few 9-7xs, and 4, count them, 4 9-3 SportCombis!

I got to test drive both the 9-7x and the 9-3 SportCombi! Very nice! I heard that one individual managed to get the 9-3 SportCombi up to 100mph, no wonder because the roads were absolutely ideal for driving with the classic twists with ups and downs, you had all of the best opportunities let your Saab do what it does best!

Saab Cars, USA also managed to bring some of their “Saab Heritage Collection” vehicles which included a Saab Model 92, 93, Sonett I, and Saab Formula Junior.

The Saturday night dinner with the presentation done by new president of Saab, Jay Spenchian was incredible how he answered all of the important questions and effectively responded to the Saab Community with enthusiasm.

A great time for my first Saab Convention!

And I assume this may be Ryan about to take the Sportcombi for a spin, though as my wife occasionaly reminds me, “to assume makes an ass of u and me”. Click to enlarge.


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