Auto123 on the 9-2x

I’d like to say ‘hi’ to all the North American Subaru Impreza drivers that have been popping in here all week. Not sure which post in your forum is linking here, but welcome anyway.

Just when the 9-2x has been pumped up for 2006, Canada’s Auto123 provides an overview of the model that’s worth your perusal.

Geeez. i really, REALLY wish they did up the interior on this car.

Go have a read at the link above. It’s a good way to cut through the press-release gobbldygook. It concludes this:

But the best news of all is that pricing on the cars has been left unchanged. That’s right – what you would have paid this year for either the base model 9-2x or the Aero will be the same. While pricing has been confirmed at $22,990 USD for the 2.5i and $26,950 USD for the Aero, 2006 model year pricing has yet to be announced for Canada. Expect it to follow closely in line, at $28,950 CAD for the 2.5i and $37,735 CAD for the Aero. More power, better specs, same price? You can really have your cake and eat it too.

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