Automobile Mag and the 9-3 SportCombi

Another review of the 9-3 SportCombi has surfaced. Actually, another 2 reviews have surfaced.

First up, there was a SportCombi at the SOC last weekend and attendees were given the chance to take it for a spin. And yes it was an Aero. With the V6.

Our photo-supply-guy Greg (see below), took it for a spin and emailed me the following:

I thought the coolest thing was getting to test drive the new 9-3 SportCombi Aero, with the 2.8L V6 turbo. They had both the six speed and the automatic there, and I drove the manual. ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE CAR. V6 smoothness with all the power and turbo acceleration you expect from an Aero. I may have to buy one. From a guy currently driving a 9-5 Aero that’s saying something.

That’s what a lot of professional reviewer’s reports lack: genuine enthusiasm!!


The other review comes from Automobile magazine, and whilst it doesn’t carry a Saabist’s passion, it’s pretty positive nonetheless.


A well-engineered unit body made from 60 percent high-strength steel gives the SportCombi nearly the same overall rigidity as its Sedan counterpart. Even with a 90-lb weight penalty and slightly tauter suspension tuning, the Aero’s control/compliance balance is a happy one, and there’s liveliness to match the precision of its power rack-and-pinion steering. Some tire noise bleeds through on rough surfaces and there’s perceptible body roll on transitions. But those minor shortcomings are more than offset by its ability to gobble up freeway miles and carve through corners with confident flair…………..

…………..Although both engines have enough firepower to keep things interesting, the new turbocharged V-6 is clearly the star here. Torque steer has been largely tamed, and with so much of its peak twist always on hand, acceleration is more a liquid rush than the binary on-off response that plagues many turbo applications.

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