Fifth gear, here we come!!

Hi all,

Had a pretty busy Friday night and Saturday, with my band doing our two best-paying gigs ever. Both went off without a hitch too, though I have a severe looking blood blister on my finger (not enough practice!!).

There’s plenty of events going on around the world, the Hiroshima anniversary, Australia losing to England in the cricket (*blush*) but I’m afraid I’ll have to be completely selfish here and lament the demise of my 4-speed gearbox in the 99 turbo.

Yes, it looks like I’m going to have to go on the prowl for a good low-km 5-speed box. The 4spd in my 99 has been meeking a strange whirring sound on occasions for the last week. Yesterday I took the car around to the local club expert, Drew. He and his Dad came for rides and both agreed that 3rd gears possibly sheared a few teeth.

The car’s driving quite nicely, it’s just when you’re decelerating in 3rd gear that a clicking noise starts to come through.

It’ll be good to finally put a 5-speed into the car, but honestly, there’s better ways to spend $1,500…..

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