Frankfurt 05

The Frankfurt Motor Show is just over 2 weeks away. With a hat tip to Autoblog, there’s a sneaky-peek over at Car Design News. They have collated some of the teaser shots that have been released by manufacturers into a nice little preview article. What’s better still, they’re a car design site and what they have to say is always presented from a well educated point of view.

The new Opel Astra Twin-Top. Nice work, General.

Of course, when you visit there, the disappointment will be the fact that there’s nothing there on the facelifted Saab 9-5, or the Saab 9-6x. Personally, I think GM would have been wise to release some good company shots of the vehicles, like the teaser shots you’ll see at CDN, in order to focus the interest in the car on the positives in the design.

“What positives?”, you may well be asking…

The fact is, the spyshots that have featured here and on other sites don’t really show the car at its best. The interest in the vehicle is definitely there (my visitor stats for the spyshots III story prove it), so if I’m GM, I’d be making sure the interest is satisfied on my terms.

And I’m still maintaining that there’ll be a preview model of the 9-6x at the show. Dealers around the world were shown initial photos of the vehicle last month, so it won’t surprise me at all if it makes a sensational unexpected debut there (it was meant to be ready for the US shows earlier this year, remember?).

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