Frankfurt coming

There was plenty of interesting Saab chatter over the weekend. The upshot of it all?

There are people around, even here in Australia, that don’t necessarily work for GM and yet have access to the soon-to-be-released studio quality publicity shots of the facelifted 9-5. Saab and GM will be pleased to know that the embargo has been adhered to, despite my begging and pleading to the contrary!!

There was general agreement amongst a few people I spoke with that the future for Saab is looking pretty positive. This despite the around 80% negative reaction that the 9-5 is receiving so far. I wrote the other day about ‘the true believers’ and ‘the true true believers’ and it was good to attend a Saab driving event with an overwhelming majority of new Saabs. There were some older ones too that carried the flag admirably, but the point is that the new ones carried the flag as well, in a very worthy manner.

The Frankfurt Motor Show starts in around 2 weeks. Press days will start on the 12th of September and we can expect some pictures to come through at this time.

GM will be unveiling 8 world premieres, 4 european premieres and 3 concept vehicles. What can Saab people expect amongst all this?

Well, the facelifted 9-5 for starters (duh).

I’m only making an educated guess here, but I reckon you can expect to see something representing the 9-6x. The finished product is some time away, but dealers all around the globe have been shown photos of the progress so far in the last few weeks. And as Djup Strupe (the first) mentioned a few weeks ago, it was looking VERY good.

The GM employee pricing campaign has now finished. It’ll be interesting to see the July sales figures. I’m expecting a drop from June. There was nowhere near as much buzz in the second month of the campaign.

GM’s Mark LaNeve seems as happy as a clam about the whole shebang, which is his job. Details about the new ‘Total Value Promise’ are still sketchy, but 30 of GM’s 76 models will get reduced sticker prices and most models will get enhanced equipment levels to improve the value on the existing price.

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  1. Saw the turn signals on a VW Passat today, and you know what? The rear lenses are almost entirely red.

    There is a little white cutout for the reversing lights, but the rest is red — and you know what? When the turn signals come on they light is yellow — through the red lens.

  2. It’s amazing how you notice these things more when you’re (subconsciously) thinking to look for them. Like spotting the car you just bought all over the place!!

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