GM’s new models 2006 – 2009

This one would be amusing if it wasn’t pretty sad.

Autoweek have a great ‘Future Vehicles’ article all about GM’s upcoming models over the next 3 years or so (/sarcasm). The fanfare surrounding Saab’s model development can be described in the next few lines:

………*crickets chirping……..

……….*wind whistling……………

……….*tumbleweed rolling……………..

That’s right people!

Nothing. A whole lot of nothing. Similar to the nothing Cuba was selling over at SC.

Apparently Saab doesn’t have anything in development. There’s nothing being released from 2006-2009. The 9-6x photos published here the other day were just cartoons apparently. There’s no new 9-2x in the pipeline and all 9-3’s will evaporate off the lot on December 31st.

Autoweek, lift your game!

Addendum: thanks to those that are concerned for my depressed state over this article. It’s OK. It was just meant to be a criticism of Autoweek. Regarding Saab being left out, well, I’m quite accustomed to the smaller member of the family being overlooked. I live in Tasmania, which is an actual state of Australia, but gets treated like a small village south of the mainland. You get used to it.

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  1. I too noticed that on Autoweek, but also on GM Insiders site too, where SAAB is never included as an official part of the GM family news releases.

    Don’t worry Swade, I wouldn’t heed too much creedence on Autoweek’s version. We ALL know the 9-6X is coming out in ’06 as a ’07 model, 9-2X Mk-II is coming out in ’07 as a new ’08 model, the next gen of 9-3 and 9-5 are coming out in ’08 as ’09 models. Oh plus the 9-4X coming out in ’08 as an ’09 model. And possibly a Sonett IV in ’09 as a ’10 model. What more could you ask for from SAAB after all of this …. a partridge in a pear tree ? 🙂

  2. In autonews, the principal publication of crain communications, there is an article about the future products of european brands…

    Saab, they say all we know…

    9-5 in 2006 as 9-6x.
    in fall 2006 as 2007 model a restyled/rengineered 9-2x

    in fall 2007 for 2008 model, 9-3 restyled/rengineered and also the 9-4x debut and a SportWagon debut(I think it refers to the anounced Crossover)

    its important to know the Glossary of terms that now uses GM…

    Freshened: Sheet metal untouched; changes may include new grille, front and/or rear fascia, headlight and taillight modules

    Reskinned: Minor changes to overall sheet metal; may include new hood, front and/or rear fenders
    Restyled: Extensive changes to exterior and interior

    Re-engineered: Platform and components receive an extensive makeover to reduce noise, vibration and harshness; improvements made in ride, handling, braking and steering, and in some cases safety

    Redesigned: New platform; new interior and exterior; but engine and transmission could be carried over

  3. Notera att listan “bara” täcker in US-märken. Opel, Vauxhall och Holden saknas helt i listan.
    Så det är mao inte så mycket att hetsa upp sig för.

    /K – da antisaabish.. 😉

  4. (translation from above)

    Note that the list “only” covers the US Market. Opel, Vauxhall and Holden are missing entirely from the list.
    So there is not a lot of encouragement to up the pursuites.

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