Go Discovery, Go!

Peter, in comments, has some information that leads to the belief that there may indeed be a 9-2x Aero in the 2006 model lineup. Peter, I’d love for you to contact me and provide your source, or your authority, so we can post this as actual news rather than more speculation.

At the moment, even the GM 2006 product catalog has no information for the 9-2x.


The most important thing happening in the next 24 hours is the journey to be undertaken by space shuttle Discovery, as it re-enters the atmosphere and comes home.

I’m no aviator, just a guy who wants them all to come home safely. NASA TV (which you can view online here) is absolutely awesome and has given me a much better appreciation for some of the stuff they undertake on these missions. This ain’t science fiction, people. This is the real deal.

Godspeed, Discovery.


Finally, if you’re ever looking for the perfect, ambient background soundtrack for tapping away at the office, may I recommend the Spacemusic podcasts, available every week through iTunes, or from TC’s own website at http://www.spacemusic.nl

Sensational. I’m actually becoming addicted.

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