Hotel Life

I’m away upstate for work and suffering the joys of hotel life. To compensate for the small rubbery mattress and can’t really be bothered cooking that I’m having to cope with, at least they do have pay-TV. I know that’s a norm in North America and elsewhere, but here it’s much less common.

Anyway, I did have the pleasure of watching “Blue Collar Comedy: The Movie” last night. Basically it’s a feature length standup comedy show featuring 4 comedians, and very funny. They were all good, but I can’t remember all their names. The notable one, however, was Jeff Foxworthy of “… might be a redneck” fame.

“If you’ve ever been accused of lying through your tooth, you might be a redneck”

“If your working TV sits on top of your non-working TV, you might be a redneck”

“If you’ve ever cracked a beer during a eulogy, you might be a redneck” (although that was a responding redneck crack by one of the other comics)

All good.

I’ll confess this: I also saw a movie with Mariah Carey in it…..and it was OK. Wisegirls. Not only was the movie not bad, but she actually acted OK too. Starred Mira Sorvino and Carey was support, about a mob-run restaraunt.


To pass the time, I also bought a copy of ‘Unique Cars’ magazine. It’s a ‘classifieds’ magazine with lots of nice exotic automobiles for sale, with pics and the whole shebang. Every time you read it again,you seem find cars you missed the last time .

I felt a little bit guilty casting longing glances at Porsches, but such is the way of the world.

I’m thinking a companion blog named Stuttgart might be in the offing, though it’d be hard to do having driven a Porsche only once in my life, a 928s, and that experience being around 15 years ago.


I also had the unadulterated pleasure of rediscovering Homer Hudson Ice Cream, which I hadn’t been able to find for nearly 10 years.


The best Ice Cream available – bar none.

Available in 4 distinct, chunky flavours:

Hoboken Crunch
Chocolate Rock
Beyond Fudge Brownie
Cherry Virgin

They also used to have 2 other flavours that I really enjoyed, but alas are no more. I will await the return of:

Strawberries of Integrity
Honey Malt Marbles



Some good Saab stuff coming soon, I promise.

Very good stuff.

Days banned from Saabnet: 17

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  1. Not sure bout ice-cream. I stick to Haagen-Dazs. It’s not available at my home and the closest I could find it most often is… Thailand.

    I’ve just returned from S-E Asia, the relevant report to make here is as it follows. Despite thousands of Toyatas and Hondas, I managed to spot 3 Saabs in Bangkok (all 9000), one in Singapore (9-5 Aero, what else could it be there?), and one nice 900 and one 9000 in Kuala-Lumpur. I didn’t expect to see a single one, so I was surprised.

    Blog on Porshe? Difficult to find the right tone to comment on Cayenne…

  2. I don’t see many recent comments, so, to make the favourite blog more lively:

    I’ve just sold my 9-5, and now I’m looking for another … 9-5. I guess it’s gonna be a restyled 2002 model. Couldn’t find anything better. MINI is good, but there’s one big problem with it – it’s not a Saab.

  3. I caught the end of the “Redneck” show last weekend on Comedy Central (A U.S. cable channel). It was hilarious and a little scary seeing myself in a couple of the jokes.

    BTW, thanks for doing your blog. It is my source for up-to-date Saab news.

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