Interactive Saab adventures

Saab customers in the UK are going to receive some marketing guff in the near future to promote the release of the 9-3 SportCombi.

Brand Republic report that both existing and potential customers, a whole 50,000 of them, will receive a 100-page adventure game book featuring the 9-3SC.

Any pommy readers, please email me if you see this as I’d love a copy for the archives.

In addition to giving these lucky folks some Swedish bedtime reading, Saab will also have an interactive game on the web where people can “choose their own adventure” and win some time in a SportCombi or some Salomon sportsgoods.

Yes, I’ll be hunting this site down and posting it here.

Hopefully it’ll be as funny as the Mini Adventure campaign – be sure to check the safety aspects of your Mini, as a fake could render you helpless in a cheesestorm!

Days banned from Saabnet: 5

UPDATE: OK, it’s not as interactive as advertised. The advertorial is being hosted by the UK’s Channel 4 at the moment. Visit it here. It doesn’t really match the description in the earlier article, so I’ll keep looking.

If you’re from the UK you can win a chance to drive a 9-3SC around in Arctic conditions and a few nights in the Arctic Hotel. A prize not to be sneezed at (unless you catch the flu).

Enter here.

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