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As well as the last lot of pics, (click here or just scroll down), here’s the latest from Saab:

06 9-5sml.jpg

New Saab 9-5 Range: Progressive Design and Enhanced Driver Appeal
The new Saab 9-5 Sedan and SportEstate range will be revealed at next month’s Frankfurt Motor Show.

Building on the Saab’s core values of progressive design and sporty driver involvement, the new 9-5 incorporates new styling and improved handling characteristics.

It features all-new front bodywork, with a bold new ‘face’ inspired by the Saab 9X concept car and a fresh interior that includes an updated dash and trim.

Excellent chassis dynamics have been further refined, giving the driver even closer control with faster, more direct responses for sportier handling characteristics without compromising ride quality and refinement.

Under the bonnet, the Saab 9-5 is available in a unique range of engine choices – petrol, diesel and ethanol. The all-turbo line-up includes:

* a new diesel engine available in Europe,
* a Saab BioPower engine that can run on any mixture of ethanol (E85) * fuel and gasoline for the Swedish market, and
* increased power for the top-of-the-range Aero model.

Overall, the muscular visual impact of the new 9-5 Sedan and SportEstate reflects the enhancements under the bodywork.

The refinements to Saab’s flagship are designed to increase its appeal to customers who value modern, progressive design and a rewarding driving experience.

The new Saab 9-5 range is targeted for launch in Australia and New Zealand in the second quarter of next year.


OK. Earlier today I had posted what were supposed to be some interior pics. They were obtained from links on the official Saab press release, however it seems those links were dodgy. The interior shots were merely reproductions of the 9-3 SportCombi interior.

I wuz duped!

I’ve just checked the GM Media site again and these interior pics have been removed from the 2006 9-5 link.

I’ll be keeping an eye out and posting anything new that becomes available. I had become quite hopeful that they’d retained the rather distinct Saab interior as opposed to the interior we saw in the spyshots last month. It seems we may be in for some of that generic GM radio gear after all, but let’s wait and see. It’s not that the centre dash layout looks bad – it doesn’t at all in my opinion. It’s just that it may be quite commonplace among GM’s models, and that’s the bit that worries me.

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  1. Firstly let me say this is an EXCELLENT Saab website – unlike the 06 9-5 which is quitle possibly the most un-Saablike car yet to come from GM. That front end is a mess and looks NOTHING like the 9X from which it is supposedly derived.

    The current 9-5 should have been updated with the “invisible” improvements made to the 06 model with the body being left well alone. No black door handles, the Saab three-hole grill gone. All they have to do now is mess with the 9-3 and I will never look at a Saab ever again. Saab has gone the sames way as Mercedes-Benz and designed a Korean car.

    The flag is at half mast coz I am in mourning 🙁

  2. Cmon Zippy, chin up.

    Wait until you take it for a drive then see how you feel. It’s inevitable that all models change over time. We don’t have to like them all, but staying open to change will ease the pain a whole lot.

    I really don’t mind it myself. I’ve always felt a little non-plussed about the 9-5, so this is the most involved I’ve ever been with the model. I think the fact that it currently looks distinctly different from the 9-3 is a bonus.

    I’m still waiting to find out the interior truth.

  3. Hi there! Love the new images! It is nice to finally see the car, in good quality images! I must say that it looks really good to me!

    Regarding the interior, check this link showing the interior in the 9-3: Everything is exactly the same as in the picture said to show the 9-5. Every line, every button, even the image on the nav screen… I personally think someone is playing us a trick but who knows…


  4. You’re correct Martin, that interior picture isn’t what the 9-5 will look like. I managed to sneak a peak at one awhile ago and the dashboard itself is unchanged but with a new layout of most buttons and controls.

  5. Martin, Mats,

    I am wondering about this too. You’re right, the photo is exactly the same, right down to the image on the nav screen.

    But, these are the photos attached to the press release for the 9-5. As another guy mentioned to me earlier, someone has goofed!!

    I agree with Martin, I think the car looks pretty darn good. There’s beena lot of knee-jerk reactions to it, but I certainly wouldn’t mind having one in the garage.

  6. The same interior shot is on the swedish version of the pressrelease as well… Hmmm, weird. I’m doing some email-investigations of my own here in Sweden. I’ll let you know as soon as “I’ve got mail”!


  7. No sign of a V6 t/turbo at this stage for the 95?
    One good thing about a new model is the effect it has on prices of the old one ( which remains my favourite of the two) and might mean that a current 95 aero wagon is suddenly a lot more affordable…. and to me this is already a very appealing & “sorted” car anyway.


  8. the interior is just horrible……..the worst of the car. GM you would like scale economics???? OK two cups!!!

    the instrument cluster from the 9-3ss, the steering wheel from the 9-3ss, panels and trims it seems the same as the 9-3ss in some terms, and the worst of all…..the audio and climate controls from the cheap GM versions of Pontiac, Saturns and so. It is incredible because you take a look and see that thos audio and climate hasn’t any connection with the other buttons of the car…

    this is like cooking… take a 9-5, take a little of 9x, some cheap components of GM, some parts of the 9-3ss, shake during few months, and that’s the result.

  9. Eduard, what you described of 9-5 cooking may not be “fine cooking” but more like how I COOK which is “experimental microbiology 😉

    And I hope that’s NOT what Saab did. We’ll see.

  10. Eduard,

    You said its like cooking …. but it looks like this Saab has been burnt and totally impalitable. All they have to do now is change the 9-3 and my 23year love affair with Saab will come to an abrupt end.

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