More official 9-5 pics

We posted the front-on view of the facelifted 9-5 a few days ago, and thanks to Hagfish7 at Saab Central (don’t you just love usernames?) we now have news of these.

Here they are – and not too shabby either, if you ask me:



















If anyone’s interested, my thoughts on spyphotos and people’s reactions are here.

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  1. Hi everyone. I’m a Saab admirer here, if not a “fan,” and never owned one, so this is an “outsider’s” perspective…

    I have to say I guardedly (until I see it) like it. I’ve thought they’ve squeezed blood out of the rock of their current styling theme for a while. Being able to so easily (and effectively) graft their corporate front onto the 9-2 is evidence of how formula the theme has become, and the 9-3, while nice, is bordering on bland. Saab also doesn’t have a very distinctive rear design right now.

    Michael Mauer, the until recent head designer there (now at Porsche), I read disliked the 9-3’s design, most of which was done before he arrived, and he thought things needed shaking up. I think this does it. It has a frosty, Scandinavian, IKEA-ish feel about it which is somewhat the opposite of the tortured, baroque themes of the other European makes of late (especially Mercedes, which I haven’t liked). I like this front motif even better squared off on the 9-6x spyshot.

    With Mauer gone, though, who knows what will happen. This could be a short lived Saab theme.

  2. What a nightmare. To my mind, every single minor change they’ve made was a bad move. Especially the headlights, the unsaabiest design I can think of. Real disaster.
    However, these are MINOR changes, and minor changes cannot that completely spoil an overall great car, can they?

  3. It’s looks OK for me. At least for now, but the tail light is very much like Toyota Altis which I hope Saab could realise about this and change it in the real model. Otherwise, Saab’s value must be in trouble for definitely sure.

  4. When will Saab put a dual symmetrical exhaust system in? That’s the one thing I reckon could make a Saab 9-3/9-5 look any better, a dual symmetrical exhaust like that on the Audi TT Quattro (or any of the quattro models).

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