New 9-5 official pic

I don’t know how this got out there, but kudos to ‘Chapel 976’ at SaabCentral for posting.

I posted some of the first spyshots of the 9-5 here last month and overall, they were received with a tirade of abuse and dislike. Funny, all those negative reactions to the car among the Saab faithful seem to be slipping away now that there’s a real, studio quality picture as opposed to a cameraphone image.

There ain’t an image around that will out-do seeing the car ‘in the flesh’. That’s where the rubber will really hit the road. It’s got to be as good in 3D as it is on the screen.

Anyway, here ’tis.

click to enlarge.

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  1. One part that bugs me is where the inner edges of the headlight glass meets the “auxillary grille” ….. I’d much prefer a sharp, angular edge than the round edge (looks a bit crosseyed to me).

    But a good, mean stance that gives presence, even just the frontal view. Can’t wait to see the rest of the car !

  2. I like it better than I thought I would. I wish the leading edge of the hood was lower – instead of that notch up to match the grille. It would look lower and more aggressive that way.

    This scheme will look really good with dark colors, and runs the risk of looking plastic or silly in very light colors.

    But it’s not the passive, round Hyundai looking I was fearing, either. It’ll be OK, I think.

  3. Actually looking at the 9-4x/9-6x spy shots they are flush with the body and isn’t round between the light and grill.

    I’d like the 9-5 with the headlights from the 9-4x/9-6x spy shots.

  4. I’m still not sure, guess I’ll have to see one in person.

    I’m not entirely sure the grille extends above the lights. I think the lights might be set into the body just a tad, and we’re seeing a shadow from the overhang. The curvature of the black above the lights matches perfectly the curvature of the shinny silver bit above it. At any other angle I could tell you, but from dead on ahead…

  5. I like it a lot. But the front end wasn’t that disturbing to me. I’m dying to see what they’ve done to… I mean _with_ the interior. It seemed to me as if they’d just stuck the same GM HU that’s in, say, the new Chevy Impala, in the 9-5, which would be pretty stupid.

  6. Nice looking ride, Saab’s have always been some of my favorite styled vehicles. It would be nice if they could at least offer all wheel drive in the future, not counting the rebadges from chevy and subarru.

  7. Lars, we’ve seen those ones, but the interesting shots on that page you posted were actually the shots of the Checy S3X, which may be a basis for the 9-4x in a few years time.

    Al, I’m still not talking to you over your refusal to share those!! 😉

    Joe, AWD is still a couple of years away on the sedans, but is coming.

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