Renovations galore

Hey all,

It’s midnight on Sunday and I’m finally washing out the paintbrush after the weekend’s work on the site. Hopefully most of the differences should be subtle enough that you won’t notice too much.

In the blogging world, it’s called ‘optimising your site’.

We’ll see.

Anyway, I’ve thrown in quite a few little cosmetic changes, most noticably the new banner up top and the flipping over of the left and right sidebars. Bragging rights to anyone who can list 10 changes in comments (I’ve given you two, only 8 to go).

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  1. 1) Main Logo

    2) swap left and right side panels

    2) car pic next to news heading on main screen

    3) old skool Saab logo next to news heading in individual article

    4) ad below the first article

    5) quotes have a mustard background

    6) Main logo “Trollhattan” not “Trollhattan Saab”

    7) The calendar has gone

    8) Preview the comment

    9) its a 9-3 vert in the logo (clutching at straws here)

    10) Is the authors note new?

    Here what I got so far? Don’t know if they all all right? Its hard not being able to see the old site and the new at the same time. Hints?

  2. Brendan, that’s a pretty good list. There’s a few not mentioned, but you’d have to be searching the archives in various forms to notice some.

    Items on your list that shouldn’t be: 6, 8, 9 -yeah, clutching indeed;-).

    All up, though, a very commendable effort.

    I’ll be constructing a new links menu in the very near future and the 99 registry will be on there for sure.

  3. I think the navigation menu makes more sense on the left – it’s more important than the ads, and typically longer, so it looks wierd placed right. I also liked the earlier banner, because it framed the site content better, now it floats more than it should – but that’s subjective.

    One of the reasons I came back to your site was it’s looks. Regardless, I’ll still enjoy reading it. 🙂

  4. David,

    Ideally, I agree. Unfortunately the ad revenue really does assist with covering the costs of hosting and developing the blog. Every recommendation you see on optomising layouts talks about the best placement for ads as being on the left and amongst your content.

    I’ve tried the best I can to have ads either blend in with the colour scheme or be relevant to the content. Hence the colouring of the Google ads and the selection of companies for sponsored links.

    Is the optomisation paying off? We’ll see in the next month or so. If there’s no discernible difference then I may switch things back. In any event, it’s been a valuable learning process for me.

    Thanks for your thoughts.

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