Saab Biopower gets rolling

I first wrote about the 9-5 Biopower way back in April, when details of the model were first released.

Auto Spectator report the first customer, Avis rentacar, has just taken delivery of its first vehicles – a fleet order of 400.

The first 120 cars of the Avis fleet – carrying a discreet ‘Saab BioPower with Avis’ decal above the fuel filler flap – are now in place at Avis’s main Stockholm office and the company plans to have the 9-5 BioPower available for rental throughout its 120 branch national network. All cars will be fitted with integrated, hands-free Sony Ericsson Bluetooth telephones, for increased driving safety, and engine block heaters, for quick warm up and improved fuel consumption when cold.

“We are delighted to welcome Avis as our first Saab BioPower customer,” says Bengt Nilemo, Managing Director of General Motors Sweden. “We already have an extremely large order book for this car, which clearly makes a lot of sense for both environmental and financial reasons.

“The development of this engine also says a lot about the values of the Saab brand because the driver can enjoy having 20 per cent more engine power when using E85, as well as being kinder to the environment.”


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