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What a rich human tapestry we’re weaving here at Trollhattan!! Overnight I’ve received comments and emails from Pavel, a Russian who’s just been touring around Asia, Eduard from Spain, Mats from Sweden, Dracke and Martin in Germany, Greg and Sam in the US and Etienne in France.

What a great testimony to the fact that good design and functionality has no cultural or geographic boundaries – Saab nuts all around the globe.


I’m on the last day of my work trip so things should return to normal tomorrow. I’ve received a pic that’s reportedly ofthe 9-6x rear end via email. Unfortunately it’s so dark that there’s little you can tell from it, but here it is anyway.

prototyp1ss.jpg Click to enlarge.

The pic is taken from the Saab-Cars forum in Germany and I’d like to thank two of our German readers for forwarding it to me overnight.

There’s a much better 3/4 frontal pic here.


I’d recommend that you check out Eduard’s comments on interior developments. There’s a link to recent comments in the sidebar. I have to say I agree wholeheartedly with the disappointment he expresses on the 9-5 interior (see the picture here) that we’re all going to see for real next month at the Frankfurt show.

There’s smart global development and then there’s dumb global development that waters down your brand identity too much. Smart parts sharing brings synergy to model development and manufacturing. Dumb development breeds basic commonality and potentially harms your brand to the point of cancelling any benefits that might have been attained.

Having the flagship model of your premium global brand share it’s centre console controls with a whole slew of other, lesser vehicles (go ahead, call me a snob) is a classic case of dumb global development.

Given that there’s a whole new 9-5 in the pipeline for release in a few years time, here’s hoping that they’ll play it smarter in the design process.

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  1. It seems this is the Chevrolet S3X, is not strange that Carl-Peter Foster must deny the rumors about a Saab based on a Chevrolet/Daewoo model….

    take a look at this pics….

    change the numbers from 93 to 86…..

    Take a look at the door mirror, its the same as the Daewoo/Chevy S3X concept….

    In Europe this could be the new Opel Frontera, and in USA an Asia could be sell as Daewoo or Chevrolet.

  2. The white camo’d one is definitely the S3X (Chevy bowtie on grille gives it away). I’m a bit skeptical at this point the other white camo’d one (grille covered) is the 9-6X but hey, what do I know ? Saab seems pretty good at “cover-ups” (pun intended) these days. Oh well. The nightime rear shot is interesting, as to my eyes it appears very similar to the B9 Tribeca. But all of these are obvious near-production platforms, thus much much farther along than mere “concepts”. I’m guessing we’ll see a debut at Frankfurt.

    I’ll be in Berlin on a business trip during first week of September ….. too early for auto show and not in the same city ! Not that I’ll even have free time to scan the streets for 9-6X test mules !

  3. I think that the picture of the 9/5 interior is flipped. Everyone knows that the steering wheel should be on the left! ;o)

    By the way, did you hear about the Siamese twins that moved to England? The other one wanted to drive. Haw! Haw! Haw!

    Good Day

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