Saab Media Online

This one’s bound to get you in trouble at the office…..


I’ve featured a few video clips here at Trollhattan from time to time. All of these were generously supplied to me by Ryan from DC.

Ryan’s now managed to get all his clips onto a website.

All 158 of them!!

All 23GB of them!!!!

The site is called Saab Media Online and is available at

One important tip: You’ll need the DivX codec to play the videos. It’s a codec, like a plugin, that sits in with your Windows Media Player and decompresses the videos.

You can get the DivX codec by clicking here.

Now go get some entertainment…..

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  1. This man must be awarded with a big monument!!!!…..

    oooooaaaaaaaaaaoooooowwwwww…..the last time i visited this website I downloaded all the videos….now i will have some work…jejeje

    I will send to him some videos that I have…..some of them very very interesting…

  2. It’s certainly a huge undertaking and may cause some bandwidth problems for whoever’s hosting the site.

    Get ’em while you can I’d say.

    Edu, I’m sure Ryan would appreciate any content you could add to the library.

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