Saab Owners Convention 2005

A big thankyou this morning to Ryan in DC, who mailed a me a couple of DVD’s full of Saab video clips. I’ve featured a few of these before, and will be sure to keep on bringing them out every now and then.

One thing Ryan reminded me about was the USA Saab Owners Convention coming up next week at Stratton Mountain, Vermont. It’s not foremost in my mind because a) it’s on the other side of the planet from where I’m sitting, and b) I’m not going, as much as I’d like to.

I do know of a few people that are going and I’m sure I know a lot more than I realise.

If you’re heading down/up to Vermont for the SOC, then here’s a couple of assignments, should you choose to accept them.

Assignment 1: If you happen to run into Scott Patterson from Saabnet, say “Hi”. Tell him you think that despite the editorial policy, he has a great site and wish him well. And say “Hi” from me. Tell him “Swade from Trollhattan Saab says G’day”.

This may all sound a little tongue in cheek, but really, it’s only about 20% so. The editorial policy sucks a bit, but Saabnet is a very valuable resource and the people there have always been welcoming and helpful to me. It may not seem like it by the attention I’m drawing to the Saabnet situation, but I’d really love to see all the Saab online communities fitting comfortably together. There is a method to my madness, trust me.

I have one more Saabnet post to write……coming soon. After that, we can all rest.

Assignment 2: Take some photos and send em in. There is a catch, however. I’m not just going to post a picture of a Saab with a caption saying this “This is a Saab 96. Look, it’s red”. If you want to take a picture and have it published here, then find the story to go with it. Send ’em in and I promise to publish every picture accompanied with a 100 or more words in explanation. I write a heck of a lot here, so 100 words ain’t too much to ask.

Email your pictures and stories to my email address (check it before you send). If you can’t figure out which bits to remove, then it’s likely you don’t deserve to be published.

This is a Saab 96. Look, it’s red!!


Days banned from Saabnet: 6

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