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July sales figures for Saab were as expected: UP big time on July last year, but down a little on the previous month.

Total sales were 6,469 for the month, a whopping 94% higher than in July 2004, albeit with one extra model in the lineup to sell (the 9-7x). Saab sold 6,614 vehicles in June, so July represented a drop of 2.19%. I haven’t looked into sales days for the repective months, but it’s a fair call that you could declare both months pretty close to even based solely on July having and extra calendar day.

Individual models sold as follows:

9-3 Sport Sedan – 3,522 compared to 2,370 in 2004
9-2x – 1,272 compared with 135 in 2004 (and around 2000 last month)
9-5 – 990 comaped with 953 last year
9-7x – 685 sold, none last year (duh) giving a sales total of 1048 so far.

In other sales news, it looks like GM has extended the Employee Pricing scheme until September 6 in order to clear the 2005 models right out. I’m reading mixed reports about this, but it seems that GM has followed Ford’s lead on this and extended the program. Pity for Ford that GM got a full month of sales in before it started.

That’ll be 3 full months of employee pricing…

Days banned from Saabnet: 4

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