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Work is going to take me away for a few days, but hopefully I’ll still be able to blog. Keep checking in from time to time.


First up, I’m still waiting for SOC attendees to check in and let me (us) know how things went.

Send pics and stories to the email address in the post below.


I can’t reproduce a link yet, but there are rumours floating around that GM Europe head honcho Carl-Peter Forster may be about to jump ship, or be pinched, to run Daimler Chrysler, which has undergone a management crisis of its own in recent times.

Here’s hoping there’s no truth to it. CPF is a straight shooter and a man with what seems to be apretty good vision for Saab’s place in GM’s portfolio.

You can read the Car magazine interview with CPF by clicking here.


Here’s a good way to stuff up any future travel, investment, car buying, whatever plans you might have had.

Lord, give me strength to make a wise decision!


Kid hits power transformer, parked car and fence in his 1996 Saab in Vermont; gets charged with leaving the scene of an accident, excessive speed, and careless and negligent operation.

At least he could get out of the vehicle (and stash his bag of whatever that was in the trunk). Here’s hoping he wasn’t heading home from SOC.


I got excited when I saw a picture reference to the 9-6x yesterday on the SaabCentral BB.

Then I got very, very frustrated when the associated link required a password in order to see the picture.

Turns out that one of the photos was a picture from here anyway. The photoshopped Chevy S3X concept that featured in this blogpost (click to see the photo). You may recall that Djup Strupe (one of my Saab insiders) actually indicated to me that the photo concerned was a reasonable likeness for the frontal styling of the 9-6x that he saw in genuine GM photos a month ago.

The other photo, however, is a possible test vehicle 9-6x. It has very similar lines to the S3X vehicle at the above link, though serious styling analysis is difficult due to the cammo.


Cheers to Draken for the tip via SC. Photo and comments (in German) are originally posted at


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